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Itsenäisyydenkatu 12-14
33500 Tampere

ma-pe klo 11-17.00
la klo 10-14




p. 0400 834 838



Ulkomainen pop ja rock L-Ö (FOREIGN)

*Pogues: If I should fall from the Grace with God ex/ex- Ruotsi-orig. inn 8e
*Power of Zeus: The Gospel accordig to Zeus M-/ex- Us-orig. co 130e
*Trower, Robin: Bridge of sighs M-/vg+ Ruotsi-orig, 10e
*Radio Heart featuring Gary Numan: S/T ex/vg+ Ruotsi-orig 7e
*Summers, Andy: The Golden Wire M-/ex- Saksa-orig. inn 8e
*Swing Out Sister: Kaleidoscope world ex/ex Hollanti-orig inn 5e
*Tears for Fears: The Seeds of love ex/ex Hollanti-orig. inn 9e
*Tambourine: Flowers in September ex/ex Hollanti-orig. inn 10e
*Sainte-Marie, Buffy: Coincidence and likely stories ex-/ex- Hollanti-orig. inn 8e
*Status Quo: 12 Gold Bars ex-/ex Kreikka-painos, misprint "Twelve Cold Bars" on label 7e
*Salloom-Sinclair: S/T ex/ex- Us-orig, co 10e
*Tzistoudis, Gregoris: Gregoris, 2 ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig gs 8e
*Simon & Garfunkel: Greatest hits ex-/ex orig. Us-painos v. -72, shrink (opened), "14 of their greatest hits" -sticker on shrink 10e
*Yardbirds: Little Games ex/M- 180gr Parlophone re, download coupon 13e
*Rolling Stones: Out of our heads M-/ex harvinainen v. -73-Uk-painos 35e
*Reed. Lou: Berlin M-/ex 80-luvun Saksa-painos 12e
*Red Hot Chili Peppers: Knock me down ex-/ex hieno muotoiltu kuvalevy Uk-orig., ins, orig. plastic sleeve 25e
*Prefab Sprout: Steve McQueen ex/ex Uk-orig, inn 15e
*Mental as Anything: Cyclone Raymond M-/ex Hollanti-orig. inn 8e
*Shaw, Sandie: Me ex/ex- Uk-orig. 17e

LA Guns: Hollywood vampires ex/ex- Hollanti-orig, 25e
Last Crack: Burning time ex-/vg+ Hollanti-orig. inn 7e
Lee, Alvin; Detroit Diesel M-/ex- Hollanti-orig. inn 12e
Lennon, John: Rock and roll ex-/ex 80-luvun Uk-painos 8e
Lennon, John: Mind games ex/ex- 80-luvun alun MFP-Uk 7e
Lerner, Dorothy: First impressions ex/ex Us-orig. small co 7e
Lewie, Jona: On another hand there´s a fist M-/ex Saksa-orig., inn 7e
Lewis, Gary: Listen M-/ex- Us-orig. 10e
Lewis, Gary & the Playboys: More golden greats ex-/ex- Us.orig, gs 10e
Lewis, Gary & the Playboys: Rhythm of the rain/Hayride ex/ex- Us-orig. co 7e
Lewis, Gary & the Playboys: She´s just my style ex/ex- Us-orig 10e
Lewis, Jeannie: Looking backwards to tomorrow ex-/vg+ Us-orig. 7e
Lightfoot, Gordon: Sundown ex-/ex- Us-orig. 10e
Lightfoot, Gordon: Don Quixote M-/ex- 80-luvun alun Us-repro co 10e
Lilac Angels: S/T ex-/ex- Saksa-orig, inn 15e
Limousine: S/T ex/vg+ Us-orig. ins gs co 7e
Lindisfarne: Roll on Ruby M-/ex Saksa-orig. giant poster 15e
Lindisfarne: Dingly dell ex/ex- Saksa-orig juliste 9e
Lindisfane: Nicely out of tune ex-/ex- 80-luvun alun Uk-painos 7e
Little Feat: Time loves a hero ex/ex- Us-orig 10e
Little River Band: Diamantina coctail ex/ex 80-luvun alun Kanada-painos 7e
Lobo: Calumet ex/ex- Uk-orig. 10e
Lobo: A cowboy afraid of horses ex/ex Us-orig. 8e
Lofgren, Nils: Night after night ex/ex- Us-orig, 2-LP gs 10e
Loggins & Messina: So fine ex/ex- 70-luvun Kanada-painos gs 7e
Loggins & Messina: Full saill ex-/ex- Hollanti-orig. gs 8e
Lokomotiv GT: Loksi ex/vg+ Unkari-orig. 2-Lp gs 10e
Lomax, Jackie: Three vg+/ex- Us-orig. ins co 7e
Lomax, Jackie: Home is in my head ex/ex- Uk-orig, gs 10e
London Beats: S/T M-/ex 90-luvun lopun Saksa-bootsi 13e
London Grammar: Truth is a beautiful thing Mint (muoveissa) Eu-orig 20e
Loney, Roy & the Phantom Movers: Contents under pressure ex-/ex- Us-orig. inn 10e
Loney, Roy: Rock´n roll dance party with ex/ex- Suomi-orig. 10e
Lords: Some folks by the Lords vg+/ex- Saksa-orig. stereo -66 50e
Lowe, Nick:Jesus of Cool ex/ex Uk-orig. inn 13e
Loverboy: Lovin every minute of it ex/ex Kanada-orig. inn 5e
Lovin Spoonful: You´re a big boy now ex-/vg+ Us-orig. co 10e
Lovin Spoonful:Hums of vg+/ex- Saksa-orig. 10e
Lovin Spoonful: Best of ex-/ex- -76-Us 2-LP gs 10e
Lulu: World of ex-/ex- Uk-orig. stereo 7e
Lynton, Jackie: The Jackie Lynton album M-/ex Uk-orig. 17e
Lyon, Ken: In concert ex-/ex- Us-orig. gs co 8e
Maanan: Mental cut ex/ex- Puola-orig. 8e
Mailer Mackenzie Band: S/T ex/ex- Us-orig. 10e
Maineeaxe: The hour of thunder ex/ex Suomi-orig. MLP 8e
Major B Laser: S/T ex/ex Uk-orig. 7e
Malhavoc: The releae vg+/ex- Uk-orig. 2-Lp 2xinn 10e
Malmsteen, Yngwie Rising Force: Studio/Live 85 -MAXI ex/ex Hollanti-orig 10e
Malmsteen, Yngwie Rising Force: Odyssey ex-/ex Saksa-orig- inn 8e
Malmsteen, Yngwie Rising Force: Marching out ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. inn 7e
Malmsteen, Yngwie: Trial by fire ex/ex- Saksa-orig. 8e
Mamas Boys: Live tonite ex-/ex- Uk-orig. inn 10e
Mamas & Papas: Besf of California Dreamin ex/ex 70-luvun Uk-painos 8e
Mamas & Papas: People like us ex/ex Us-orig. co 10e
Mamas & Papas: Presenting the Mamas and the Papas ex-/vg+ Us-orig. gimmick-gs 12e
Mamas & Papas: The best of Farewell to the First golden era ex-/ex- Saksa-orig, sstobc 10e
Mareld: S/T ex-/ex- Ruotsi-orig, gs 10e
Marsh Mellon Way: S/T Mint (SS) Us-orig co 20e
Martinez, Hirth: Hirth from Earth ex-/ex- Us-orig. 10e
Matito, Julio: Salud! PSOE ex/ex Saksa-orig. gs 10e
Matthews. Ian: If you saw through my eyes ex/ex- Us-orig. gs co 10e
Matthews Southern Comfort: Later that same year ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 15e
McAuley Schenker Group: Gime your love ex/- Uk-orig. kuvalevy MAXI 10e
McDonald, Country Joe: The essential ex-/vg+ Us-76 2-LP 10e
McDonald, Country Joe: The First Three Ep´s ex/ex -Italia-80 10e
McDonald, Country Joe: Rock´n roll music from the Planet Erath ex/ex- Us-orig. 8e
McGarrigle, Kate & Anna: Dancer with bruised knees ex-/ex Uk-orig. 7e McCarthy, Lyn & Graham: When I consider ex-/ex Uk-orig. 10e
McGovern, Maureen: The Morning after ex/ex Us-orig. 7e
McGuinn, Clark & Hillman: S/T ex/ex Kanada-orig. inn 8e
McGuire, Barry: This Precious time ex/vg+ Venezuela-orig. ins 25e
McKenna, Mae: Everytning that touches me ex/ex- Uk-orig. 8e
McLaughlan, Murray: Song from the street ex/ex- Uk-orig. 7e
McLeod, Rory: Angry Love M-/Ex -85-UK 7e
McTell, Ralph: Streets M-/ex Uk-orig., 10e
McWilliams, David: The Beggar and the Priest ex-/ex Uk-orig., gs 15e
Medical Mission Sisters: In Love ex/ex- Us-orig 8e
Merritt, Max: Out of the blue ex/ex Uk-orig. 10e
Mina: Moliendo cafe M/ex- rw 2016-Italia- kokoelma 15e
Mindbenders: A roovy kind of love ex/ex- Us-orig. 15e
Montgomery, James: Duck fever ex/ex- Us-orig. 8e
Montrose: Mean ex/ex- Hollanti-orig. 6e
Moody Blues: Early Blues M-/ex 80-luvun Uk-painops 2-LP gs co 10e
Moody Blues: Seventh Sojourn ex-/ex- Uk-orig ins gs 10e
Moody Blues: Collection M-/ex 80-luvun Uk-painos 2-LP gs 10e
Moody Blues: Seventh Sojourn ex/ex -72-Uk-painos, ins gs 15e
Moore, Daniel: S/T ex-/ex Us-orig, tiny o 15e
Morbitory: Into the Morbitory -MAXI Mint Saksa-orig. ins 10e
More Orphan Than Not: S/T ex/ex- Us-orig, gs co 8e
Morgan, Claude Blast from the past: Yee haw ex/ex Us-orig 10e
Mountain Witch: ST 5-track-MAXI ex/ex Saksa-orig. 30e
Movies: India ex-/ex- Uk-orig, ins 7e
Movies: Double A ex/ex- Uk-orig. ins 10e
Mud: Mud rock II C-kasetti Suomi-painos 9e
Muldaur; Geoff: Is having a wonderflul time ex/ex- Us-orig. co 8e
Murphy, Elliot: Murph the Surf ex/ex- Hollanti-orig. inn 8e
Murphy, JF: S/T ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 15e
Music Explosion: Little Bit O soul ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 13e
Music From Free Creek: S/T ex/ex- Saksa-orig, 2-LP gs 10e
Mystic Number National Band: S/T ex/ex- Us-orig. gs tiny co 15e
Naked Sun: A song on fire ex/ex- Saksa-orig. MAXi sttoc 6e
Neighborhood: The Debut ex-/ex Usorig. gs 8e
Nelson: After the rain ex/ex- Saksa-orig. inn 10e
Newbury, Mickey: Frisco Mabel Joy ex/ex Us-orig. gs inn die cut sleeve small co 8e
Newman, Randy: Good old boys ex-/ex- -74-US quadrophonic co 10e
Newman, Randy: Land of dreams ex/ex- Saksa-orig, inn 8e
New Christy Minstrels: Greatst hits ex-/ex 70-luvun Us-painos 8e
New Model Army: Green and grey -MAXI M-/ex saksa-orig. 15e New Model Army: Vagabonds -MAXI ex-/ex- Uk-orig. stickers!!! 10e
New Model Army: Stupid questions -MAXI ex-/ex Uk-orig. 5e
New Seekers: Circles ex/ex Us-orig. gs 8e
New Seekers: We´s like to teach the world to sing ex/ex- Us-orig co 7e
Nice: Five Bridges ex-/ex- Saksa-orig gs 10e
Nico: Live in Denmark ex/ex Uk-83 kuvalevy 15e
NIebisko Czarni: S/T ex/Ex- -66-almuni Puola-re v. -90 10e
Night Ranger: Big Life ex/ex- Kanada-orig inn 7e
Nilsson: Duit on Mon Dei M-/ex- Us-orig. inn gs co 8e
1910 Frutigum Company: Indian giver ex-/ex- Us-orig small co 10e
Nite City: S/T ex-/ex- Us-orig. ins Ray Manzarekin bändi 7e
Nix, Don: Gone too long Mint (muoveissa) Us-orig. co 10e
Northcott, Tom: Upside downside ex/ex Us-orig., co 8e
No To Co: Zielona Laczka ex/ex- Puola-orig. red label mono 15e
Novo Combo: S/T ex/ex- Saksa-orig. inn 8e
NQB: S/T ex-/ex- Ruotsi-orig. 10e
Nugent, Ted: Two originals (Call of the wild/Tooth, fang & claw) M-/vg+ -77-Saksa 2-Lp gs 15e
Nunnery, Stu: S/T ex-/ex Uk-orig, 7e
O Band: The Knife ex/ex Uk-orig. 8e
r Odal: Zornes heimat M-/ex Saksa-orig 15e
Ola & the Janglers: Surprise surprise M-/ex- 70-luvun alun Ruotsi-repro, swobc 20e
Oldfield, Sally: Water Bearer ex/ex Uk-orig. ins 7e
Old Swan band: No reels M-/ex Uk-orig. ins 10e
O.M.I Express: No brakes ex-/ex Us-orig. pari nimmaria bändin pojilta 25e
Omartian, Michael: White horse ex-/ex- -74-Uk gs 7e
Orleans: S/T ex-/ex Us-orig. gs 8e
Oscar: Twilight Asylum ex-/ex- Uk-orig, gs 7e
Oscar: Cobblestone heroes ex/ex- Uk-orig. 7e
Osmonds: Around the World Live in Concert ex-/ex- Us-orig. 2-LP gs 8e
Osmond, Donny: Superstar M-/M- shrink Us-orig. 2-Lp juliste gs 8e
Ostrogoth: Too hot vg+/vg+ Belgia-orig, 10e
Our Survival Depends on Us: Scouts on the Borderline between the physical and spiritual world ex/ex Saksa-orig. liitteitä, gs 15e
Palmer, Robert: don+t explain M-/ex- Hollanti-orig. 2-Lp 7e
Parchment: Hollywood sunset M-/ex- Uk-orig,. gs 10e
Parks, Michael: Blue ex/ex Us-orig. 8e
Parks, Michael: Long lonesome highway M-/ex- Us-orig. co 8e
Parks, Michael: Closing gap ex/ex Us-orig. xo 8e
Parrish, Paul: Song for a youg girl Mint (muoveissa) Us-orig, co 8e
Paxton, Tom: Ain´t that new M-/ex Us-orig, 15e
Peddlers: Birthday ex-/ex- Us-orig. 10e
Pesniary Group: The Enchanted One M-/ex -84-NL-painos 10e Peter & Gordon: True love ways ex/ex- Us-orig., 10e
Peter & Godin: Sopmewhere ex/ex- Uk-orig. mono 15e
Peter, Paul & Mary: A song will rise ex-/ex- Us-orig. 10e
Phillips, Glenn: Lost at sea ex/ex- Uk-orig, 15e
Pipkins: Gimme dat ding ex-/ex- Uk-orig, 10e
Pitney, Gene: Nessuno mi puo giudicare ex/ex- -69-US 10e
Pitney, Gene: Greattest hits of all time ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. 10e
Pitney, Gene / Burt Bacharach: Together ex-/vg+ Us-orig. 10e
Pogues: Red roses for me ex/ex- Uk-orig. 15e
Plant, Robert: Now and zen ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. 6e
Police: Ghost in the machine M-/ex- Uk-orig., inn 10e
Potters, Risa: Half woman half child ex-/ex Us-orig. 10e
Prefab Sprout: Steve McQueen ex/ex Hoillanti-orig. inn 8e
Prefab Sprout: Protest songs ex/ex- Hollanti-orig. inn 7e
Pretty Things: Cross talk ex/ex- Saksa-orig. inn 7e
Processions: S/T ex-/ex- aussie-rockia v. -68 Uk-orig. 25e
Procol Harum: Procol´s ninth M-/ex- Uk-orig. ins 10e
Puckett, Gary & His Union Gap Band: Greatest hits ex/ex Uk-orig. 15e
Puhdys: 1§3 (Live in Sachesen ex/ex- DDR-orig. 2-LP gs 10e
Pulte, Jim: Out the window ex/ex- Us-orig, co 10e
Pure Food and Drug Act: Choice cuts ex/vg+ Us-orig, gs 10e
Pure Love & Pleasure: A record of ex/ex- Uk-orig, 10e
Quatro, Suzi: S/T C-kasetti suomi-painos 15e
Quatro, Suzi: Quatro C-kasetti, Ruotsi-painos 15e
Queteman, Bill: Night after night M-/ex Uk-orig. ins 8e
Quiet Riot: QR III ex/ex Hollanti-orig. inn 8e
Rabbitt: Boys will be boys ex/ex Us-orig co 8e
Racing Cars: Weekend rendezvous M-/ex Hollanti-orig, inn 8e
Ramatam: In April came the dawning of the red suns ex/vg+ Us-orig, gs co 15e
Rascals: See ex-/ex Us-orig. shrink, ins 10e
Rascals: Freedom suite ex/ex- -88-Rhino-Us -repro 15e
Rattles: Attention M-/ex -74-Saksa 10e
Redbone, Leon: On the track M-/ex Uk-orig. 8e
Redeye: S/T ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 10e
Reed, Lou: Red Joytick -MAXI ex/ex Saksa-orig 6e
Renwick, Tim: S/T ex-/vg+ Hollanti-orig 8e
Renzeti, Joe & Tony Luisi: Electric Tommy ex/ex- Us-orig., 10e
Reo Speedwagon: You can tune a piano, but you can´t Tuna fish ex-/ex- 70/80-luvun vaihteen Hollanti-painos inn 5e
Reverend Beat-Man: Surreal folk blues vol. 2 Gospel Trash M-/ex Sveitsi-orig. inn 17e
Richard, Cliff: Live at the Talk of the town M-/ex- Uk-orig. 8e
Richard, Cliff: Two apenny ex-/ex- Uk-orig., 10e
Richard, Cliff: The 31st of February Street ex/ex Uk-orig. 10e
Richard, Cliff: The best of vol. 2 ex-/ex- Suomi-orig. 10e
Rieley, Jack - Machiel Botman: Western Justice ex-/ex- Hollanti-orig. Booklet, gs 10e
Righteous Brothers: Greatest hits M-/ex 80-luvun Uk-painos 8e
Righteous Brothers: Standards ex/ex- Us-orig., co 15e
Riot: Born in America ex-/ex- Ruotsi-orig, inn 17e
Rivers, Johnny: Road ex/ex- Us-orig, inn co 9e
Robertson, Robbie: Somewhere down the crazy river//Brown arrow/Tailgate -MAXI ex/ex- Uk-orig., 4e
Rodowicz, Maryla: Wyznanie ex/ex- Puola-orig, red label, juliste 10e
Rogefelt, Pugh: Het ex/ex Ruotsi-orig., inn 7e
Rolling Stones: Under Cover ex/ex Hollanti-orig. inn, ins 9e
Rolling Stones: Still life ex/ex Hollanti-orig. inn 7e
Rolling Stones: Still life ex-/ex Hollanti-orig inn gs 7e
Rolling Stones: 20 Super hits ex-/ex Saksa.orig. 7e
Rolling Stones: Aftermath M-/ex 70-luvun lopun Saksa-painos 17e
Rolling Stones: It´s only rock´n roll ex-/ex- Uk-orig, inn 13e
Rolling Stones: Through the past darkly M-/ex Israel-orig 15e
Rolling Stones: Out of our heads ex/vg+ 60-luvun lopun Israel-painos (Uk cover photo) 20e
Roxy: Krazy Kutz M-/ex- Uk-orig. maxi 10e
Roxy: S/T ex/ex- Us-orig co 10e
Rubettes: Wear it´s at ex-/ex- Uk-orig,. gs 8e
Rush, Tom: Got a mind to ramble ex-/vg+ Uk-orig, 10e
Rustix: Come on people ex-/ex- Us-orig. 8e
Ryan, Barry: S/T ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. 10e
Sadista Sisters: S/T ex/ex Uk-orig. 8e
Salloom, Sinclair and the Mother Bear: S/T ex/ex- Us-orig. 15e
Santana, Carlos: Blues for Salvador M-/ex Hollanrti-orig. inn 8e
Santana: Shango ex/ex Us-orig. 7e
Santana: Ze bop! M-/ex Hollanti-orig. inn 7e
Saxon: Denim & leather ex-/ex- Skandinavia-painos 8e
Schenker, Michae Group: MSG ex-/ex- Ranska-orig. 8e
Seals & Crofts: I´ll play for you ex/ex Us-orig- co 8e
Seals & Crofts: Unborn Child ex/ex- Us-orig. Quadrphonic, inn, die cut sleeve 10e
Searchers: Meet the Searchers ex/- Uk-orig. mono 25e
Searchers: Sugar & Spice ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 20e
Searchers: Smash hits ex/ex- 70-luvun alun Australia-painos 15e
Searchers: The Collection M-/ex 2005 Kanada Audio Fidelity -painos 15e
Sebastian, John: Real live ex/vg0 Us-orig. co swoc 8e
Sebastian, John: Welcome back ex/ex- Us-orig. co 10e
Second Coming: S/T ex-/ex- Us-orig. gs co 17e
Seeger, Pete: Dangeropus songs ex/ex- 70-luvun alun Us-painos 10e
Seeger, Pete & arlo Guthrie: Together in concert ex/ex- Uk-orig. 2-LP gs 13e
Shanes: 1963-68 ex-/ex- -83-Ruotsi-painos 2-LP 2xinn 20e
Shannon, Del: Rock on M-/ex Saksa-orig. 10e
Shearston, Gary: The Greatest stone on Earth ex-/ex Uk-orig. inn 8e
Shoot: On the Frontier ex/ex Uk-orig. gs 25e
Shotgun Express: I could feel the whole world turn around EP 10" See For miles UK -83 ex-/vg+ 20e
Siebel, Paul with David Bromberg & Gary White: Live M-/ex- Italia-orig. 13e
Simon, Paul: S/T ex/ex Uk-orig, inn 10e
Simon & Garfunkel: Bookends ex/ex- 80-luvun Hollanti-painos 7e
Simon & Garfunkel: Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme ex-/ex- 80-luvun Hollanti-painos 6e
Simon & Garfunkel: Greatst hits ex-/ex- Hollanti-orig. 8e
Simon & Garfunkel: Wednesday morning 3AM M-/ex 80-luvun Hollanti-painos sstoc 8e
Simon & Garfunkel: Bridge over Troubled water ex/ex- Uk-orig. 15e
Slade: On Stage C-kasetti hyväkuntoinen UK-painos 15e
Slade, Paul: Life of a man M-/ex Italia-orig. gs 17e
Small Faces: Autumn stone ex/Ex -72-Saksa Saksa-painos 2-Lp gs 20e
Small Faces: Ogden´s Nut Gone flake ex/ex -68 3.painos Uk, beige/grey-label, no KT stamp ol, round cover 90e
Small Faces: History of M-/ex- -72-US 8e
Small Faces: S/T M-/ex -71-Ranska 17e
Smiths: Rank ex/ex Uk-orig, inn gs 30e
Song: Song album ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 17e
Sounds Incorporated: S/T ex-/ex- 80-luvun Charly-UK 8e
Southern Fried: A little taste of ex-/ex Us-orig. 12e
Spanky & Our Gang: Live ex-/ex- Us-orig. co 10e
Sparks: Kimono my house C-kasetti Uk-painos 15e
Sparks: No 1 in Heaven ex/ex- Uk-orig. inn 25e
Spirit of Us: Simple song of freedom ex-/ex co Us-orig. 8e
Spotnicks: 2 ex/ex 70-luvun Ruotsi-painos swobc 17e
Springsteen, Bruce: Greetings from ashbury Park, NJ M-/ex 70-luvun lopun Uk-painos 9e
Springsteen, Bruce: Lucky town ex/ex- Hollanti-orig. inn 9e
Stallion: S/T ex/ex- Us-orig. 8e
Stardust, Alvin: A picture of you ex-/ex Suomi-orig. 8e
Startstruck: Thru to you ex/ex- Belgia-orig. 10e
Star Star: The Love drag yers ex-/ex- Hollanti-orig, 8e
Starr, Jack: Burning Starr vg+/ex- Saksa-orig, inn 17e
Starz;: Piss party -maxi ex/ex Uk-orig. piss yellow vinyl 8e
Status Quo: Rockin all over the world ex/ex- 70-luvun Uk-painos inn 9e
Status Quo: The Collection M-/ex 80-luuvn Uk-painos 2-LP gs 10e
Status Quo: Ain´t complaining ex/ex Suomi-orig. inn 10e
Status Quo: Back to back ex/ex- Suomi-orig. inn 9e
St. Cloud, Endle: Thank you all very much ex/ex 80-luvun lopun Eu-painos 10e
Steeleye Span: Now we are six M-/ex Uk-orig. inn 15e
Steeleye Span etc: Rave on ex/ex Uk-orig. 8e
Steeleye Span: Storm force ten ex-/ex- Hollanti-orig. 8e
Steeleye Span: All around my hat ex/ex 80-luvun Kanada-painos 7e
Steppenwolf: At your Birthday party ex/ex Saksa-orig sstobc 10e
Stewart, Al: The Early years ex/ex Uk-orig. gs 10e
Stewart, Al: The Early years ex-/ex- Us-orig 2-LP 2xinn gs co 8e
Stewart, Al: Russians and americans ex/ex Us-orig. small co 8e
Stewart, Al: Time passages ex/ex Uk-orig. 10e
Stewart, Al: Chronicles - The best of M-/ex Saksa-orig. 8e
Stewart, Al: Zero she flies ex/ex- 80-luvun Saksa-painos 7e
Stewart, Rod: Never a dull moment ex/ex Vinyl Lovers -re 8e
Stewart, Rod: The best of ex-/ex -77-Uk 2-LP gs 10e
Stewart, Rod: Gasoline alley M-/ex- Us-orig,. gs 15e
Stevens, Cat: Foreigner ex/ex- Us-orig. ins 10e
Stevens, Cat: Numbers ex/ex- Us-orig. inn, die cut -sleeve 10e
Stevens, Cat: Back to earth ex/ex Ruotsi-orig. inn sstoc 7e
Stevens, Cat: Tea for Tillerman ex/ex Uk-71 gs 12e
Stevens, Jimmy: Don´t freak me out M-/ex- Uk-orig. 10e
Stevens, Ray: Even Stevens ex-/ex- Us-orig. 8e
Stills, Stephen: Illegal Stills ex/vg+ Hollanti-orig. 8e
Stories: S/T ex/ex- Saksa-orig. 20e
Storm: S/T ex-/vg+ Saksa-orig. 10e
Stratus: Throwing shape ex-/ex- Belgia-orig. 17e
String Driven Thing: Keep yer and on it ex-/ex Us-orig. ins 8e
Suicide Squad: Live it while you can M-/ex Uk-orig MAXI 10e
Supercharge: I think I´m gonna fall (in love) Supercharge: Horizontal Refreshment ex-/ex- Uk-orig. inn 10e
i-painos 10e
Supercharge: Body rhythm ex/ex- Uk-orig. 9e
Sussman Lawrence: Hail to the Modern hero ex/ex- Us-Regency -80 co 8e
Sutherland Brothers and Quiver: Dream Kid M-/ex "promo"-leima obc swoc Uk-orig. 8e
Sutherland Brothers & Quiver: Beat of the street M-/ex Uk-orig. 8e
Sweet: Desolation boulevard C-kasetti, Italia-painos 10e
Swift, Jonathan: S/T ex-/ex Us-orig. 8e
Swift, Tufty: How to make a Bakewell tart ex/vg+ Uk-orig. 8e
Swinging Blue Jeans: Shaking time ex/vg+ 70-luvun Ruotsi-repro 25e
Swinging Medallions: Double shot of my baby+s lvoe M-/ex- Us-orig. co 25e
Talking Heads: Naked M-/M- Hollanti-orig, inn 10e
Talking Heads: Tha name of the band is Talking Heads ex/ex- Kanada-orig. 2xinn 2-LP 15e
Talking Heads: True stories M-/M- Us-orig. shrink 3 original stickers on shrink, inn co 10e
Tangra: II M-/ex Bulgaria-orig. 15e
Tattooed Love Boys: Bleeding hearts and needle marks MINT (muoveissa) Us-orig. co 8e
Taylor, Allan: The American album ex-/ex- 77-Us -painos 8e
Taylor, Allan: The American album M-/ex- Uk-orig. gs 12e
Taylor, Kate: Sister Kate ex/ex- Us-orig. co 7e
Taylor, R.Dean: I think therefore I am ex/ex- Us-orig. co 10e
T.B & the Tribesman: Barefootin ex-/ex- kiva "hip"-kansi Us-orig. 10e
T-Bones: Slippin n chippin ex-/ex- US-orig. 17e
Telegram: Rossz hirek ex/ex- Unkari-orig. 10e
Tempos: Speaking of ex-/ex Norton 10e
Ten CC: The colletion ex/ex 80-luvun Uk-painos 2-LP gs 8e
Ten CC: Gigantes del Pop M-/ex 80-luvun Espanja-painos 7e
Ten CC: Greatest hits of ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 8e
Ten CC: Windows in the jungle ex-/ex- Hollanti-orig. inn 8e
Ten Years After: Goin home M-/ex kannet painettu UK:ssa, levy näyttää minusta suomalaiselta tai ruotsalaiselta 15e
Thee Prophets: Playgirl ex/ex- Us-orig co 10e
Them: The Collection ex/ex 80-luvun Uk-painos 2-Lp gs 10e
Thomas, BJ: The very best of ex-/ex- Us-orig promo 10e
Thomas, Ray: Hopes, wishes & dreams M-/ex Uk-orig, ins gs 12e
Thomas, Ray: From Mighty oaks M-/ex Uk-orig,. gs 12e
Three Dog Night: Ready to deal ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. envelope cover 10e
Three Dog Night: American pastime M-/Ex Us-orig. ins gs 8e
Timber: Bring America home ex/Ex- Us-orig co 8e
Tjenclown: S/T ex/ex- Ruotsi-orig. 10e
Tobias, Ken: The Magic´s in the music ex-/ex Us-orig DJ-copy 7e
Today´s People: He ex/ex -74-Italia-painos 15e
Tomaz: V Zivo ex-/ex- Jugoslavia-orig. 12e
Tötenköpf: Annarbor ex-/ex 2015-Ranska-re inn 8e
Traveling Wilburys: Volume one M-/ex Us-orig. inn 10e
Travers, Mary: Mary ex/ex- Uk-orig. ins 10e
Tremeloes: Greatest hits ex/ex- Uk-orig, 10e
Trent, Jackie & Tony Hatch: Together again ex-/vg+ Uk-orig. 10e
Trent, Jackie & Tony Hatch: The Two of us ex/ex- Uk-orig, mono 30e
T.Rex: Bolan boogie ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. 12e
Triumph: Allied forces ex-/ex- Kanada-orig. inn 7e
Trust: Repression ex/vg+ cw, rw Kanada-orig. 10e
Turtles: Elenore ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. 15e
Turtles: Elenore M-/ex Saksa-orig. 20e
Turtles: Turtle soup ex/ex- Us-orig. inn gs 10e
Tutinas, Teresa: Gorzko mi ex-/vg+ Puola-orig. 7e
Twiggy: S/T ex/ex Uk-orig. gs 10e
Twilley, Dwight: Jungle ex/ex- Saksa-orig. 7e
Twisted Sister: Come out and play ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. Pop-up-sleeve, inn, takakannessa koko bändin nimmarit!!! 80e
UB40: Signing off ex/ex- LP+12" Uk-orig 2xinn 8e
Undertones: Hypnotised M-/ex Norja-orig. 13e
United Sons of America: Greetings the the U.S. of A ex/ex- Us-orig. co 10e
Uriah Heep: Head first ex/ex- -83-Uk-painos 10e
V/A Prague Pop Apostles M-/ex- Tsekki-orig. 10e
V/A Pepperisms around the Glode ex/ex Saksa-98-kokoelma Sgt. Pepper -teemoissa 60-luvun bändejä Etelä-Amerikasta, Aasiasta, P->Amerikasta, Itä-Euroopasta jne gs 22e
V/A Charly´s Angels M-/ex 70-luvun lopun Charly-UK Shangri la´s, Jelly Beans, Dixie Cups, Evie Sands 10e
V/A Eurovision 74 ex-/vg+ Israel-orig. kansikuvassa Abba (Waterloo) 20e
V/A Star-Club Anthology vol. 3 ex/ex- saksa-orig. Pretty Things, Jerry Williams & Violents, Remo Four ym 10e
V/A Flash Fearless vesus the Zorg Women parts 5 & 6 ex/ex Uk-orig. ins 8e
V/A Liverpool 1963-68 ex/ex 80-luvun alun See for miles -UK 15e
V/A Dane on - Youth club classics 1961-63 M-/ex- Sequel-Uk -90 2-LP Joe Brown, Brooks Brothers, The Eagles ym gs 12e
V/A Pot-ent ex-/vg+ Saksa-orig. -70 hieno psykedeelinen kansi ja monivärinen vinyyli gs 10e
V/A The Exciting New Liverpool sound ex-/vg+ Us-orig. -64 Sonny Webb & Cascades, Ian & Zodiacs, Rory Strom ym 25e
V/A Buddah´s Dial-a-hit ex-/vg+ Us-orig. hieno gimmick-gs-kansi co 8e
V/A By invitation only M-/ex- Uk-orig. 2-LP Led Zpeelin, R.Stones, Heavy metal kids ym gs 8e
V/A RSO Prime cuts ex/ex 10" Uk-orig. kiva die cut -sleeve 10e
V/A Honky tokn demos - Demo tapes first played on Charlie Gillett´s Honky tonk on Radio London 1975-78 ex/ex- Uk-orig. 8e
V/A Rocking sound ot he 60s 1 ex-/ex- Tanska-orig -73 Lions, Peter Belli, Teenmakers ym 15e
V/A Pop Giants M-/ex- Belgia-orig. Slade, T.Rex, Procol Harum ym. hieno Yamaha-kansi 10e
V/A Popligan För FN ock flyktring -67 vg+/vg+ Ruotsi-orig. Shanes, Lee Kings, Caretakers ym 10e
V/A All day thumb sucker ex/ex Us-orig. -70 Blue Thumb -kokoelma: E.Hookerm A.Collins, Love, Aysnley Dunbar ym co swobc 10e
V/A Some other guys - 32 Merseybeat nuggets 1963-66 M-/ex- 90-Sequel-Uk 2-LP gs 17e
V/A The Best of Transatlanctic Best of Irish folk M-/ex Uk-orig, 10e
V/A The Best of Transatlantic Best of Scottish folk ex/ex Uk-orig. 10e

V/A Swinging London vg+/vg+ Uk-orig. The First Impression & The Good Earth 10e
V/A Happy to be a part of the industry of happiness ex/ex- Uk-orig. 69 Immediaten artisteja 10e
V/A Twenty one hit wonders vol. 2 ex-/ex 80-luvun See for miles -Uk swobc 10e
V/A Not Just Beat music 1965-70 ex/ex- 80-luvun alun Charly-UK Keith West, Tomorrow, Loomotive ym 10e
V/A Pop Sound 70 M-/vg+ Saksa-orig. -70 orange vinyl Mayall, Who, Taste, Fat Mattress ym 10e
V/A Folk Festival ex/ex -76 Transatlantic UK 2-LP gs 15e
V/A Dr Goldfoot & the Girl Bombs ex/vg+ Us-orig. soundtrack Mario Bavan leffaan, pääosissa Fabia ja Vincet Prie, musa The Sloopys, Mad Doctors, Terry Stafford ym, 5cm bottom seam split 10e
V/A Songs of the European Proletariat ex/ex- Tsekki-orig, swobc 10er
V/A Beat-protest & folksongs vg+/vg+ Saksa-orig. -66 2-LP gs 10e
Wackers: Hot Wacks ex/ex Us-orig. co 8e
Wainwright, Loudon III: III album ex/vg+ Us-orig. 10e
Valli, Frankie: Gold ex/ex Us-orig inn die cut -sleeve 8e
Valli, Frankie: Timeless ex-/Ex- Us-orig., gimmick-cover 10e
Valli, Frankie: Close Up ex/ex- Uk-orig. 7e
Van Camp: Too wild to tame ex/ex- Hollanti-orig 15e
Van Halen: When it´s lvoe ex-/- Uk-orig., kuvamaxi 15e
Van Halen: Why can´t this be love M-/ex Us-promo-MAXI 15e
Wawele: Niebieskie dni ex-/ex- Puola-orig. 7e
Vee, Bobby: Do what you gotta do ex/ex Us-orig gs sstoc 10e
Vee, Bobby: Just today ex/ex- Us-orig. 10e
Velline, Robert Thomas (Bobby Vee): Nothin like a sunny day ex/ex- Us-orig co 10e
Velvet Undground: NYC ex-/ex- Aussie-bootsi 30e
Ventures: Running strong ex-/ex- Us-orig. 15e
Veritas Maximus: Glaube und Wille ex/ex Saksa-orig. 2-LP 2xinn gs 15e
Whitcomb, Ian: Under the Ragtime moon ex/ex Us-orig. tuottaja Neil Innes co 8e
Whitesnake: Still of the Night -MAXI ex-/- Uk-orig, kuvalevy 8e
Who: S/T ex/ex- Saksa-orig. -66 80e
Who: Face dances ex/ex- Kanada-orig. inn 7e
Who: A Quick one/Sell out M-/ex 80-luvun Kanada-painos 2-LP 15e
Wickham, Hank & Lewie: With John Dacugon vg+/vg+ Us-orig co 10e
Wildfire: Summer lightning ex-/ex- Belgia-orig. ins 10e
Williams, Paul: Ordinary fool ex/ex- Us-orig, inn 7e
Wings: S/T ex-/vg+ Us-orig. -68 10e
Wizzard: Introducing Eddy & the Falcons M-/ex Us-orig gs co 10e
Von, Ronnie: A Misteriosa Luta Do Reino De Parassempre Contra O Império De Nunca Mais ex-/ex Brasilia-re 17e
Wood, Roy: Boulders ex/ex Us-orig gs co 10e
Wood, Roy: Starting up ex/vg+ Uk-orig. 20e
Wynn, Karen: S/T ex/ex Us-orig. co 8e
Vysotsky, Vladimir: Sons are leaving for battle M-/ex NL-orig. 2-LP gs 10e
Yardbirds: Attention ex/ex- 70-luvun alun Saksa-painos 10e
Yardbirds: Shapes of things ex/ex -77-Charly-UK 2-LP gs 15e
Yost, Dennis & The Classics IV: Stormy ex/ex- Us-orig. 8e
Young, Kenny: Last stage for Silver World ex-/ex- Uk-orig. gs 20e
Young, Neil: This note´s for you M-/Ex- Saksa-orig. 11e
Young Gyants: At he Chez ex-/vg+ Us-orig co 10e
YVert, Jacques: Suite a vivre du temps present ex/vg+ Ranska-orig, 10e
Zappa, Frank: Guitar M-/ex- Uk-orig. 2-LP gs 17e
ZZ Top: Greatest hits M-/ex Saksa-orig, inn 20e
Zz Top: Recycler ex-/ex- Saksa-orig inn 8e



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Kotimainen rock

Ulkomainen rock A-K

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Rock`n Roll, rockabilly

Blues, R&B

Reggae, Soul, Funk




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