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33500 Tampere

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p. 0400 834 838



Ulkomaiset singlet (Foreign 7''s)

*Mercury, Freddie: Great pretender/Exercises in free love vg+/- Uk-orig jukeboksin muotoinen kuvalevy 20e
*Buckinghams: Kind of a drag/You make me feel so good ex/- Us-orig. swol 7e
*Hermans Hermits: No Milk Today: There´s kinda hush ex/vg+ Us-orig, PS woc 10e
*Sinatra, Nancy: Summer wine/Suar town ex-/- Us-oprig,. Reprise-pussi 6e
*Nashville Brass: On rebound/Mule skinner blues M-/- Us-promo 8e
*Kitt, Eartha: Jambo Hippopotami/Just an old fashioned girl ex-/- Saksa-orig. 7e

1910 Fruitgum Company: May I take a giant step/Mr Jensen ex-/- Us-orig. co 5e
Aber, Georges: Je ris Quand J´ai de blues + 3 vg+/ex- 60-luvun ranskalaista rockia/poppia, jotenkin tulee mieleen Lasse Mårtensson 13e
Abrasive Wheels: Jailhouse rock/Sonic omen ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 6e
AC/DC: For Those about to rock/Let there be rock ex/ex- Uk-orig. 7e
Adam & the Ants: Goofy two shoes/Red Scrab ex/- UK-orig. tyylikäs KUVALEVY 8e
Adams, Johnny: Release me/You made a man out of me ex-/- Us-orig. co 8e
Aerosmith: Due (Looks like a lady)/Monkey on my back ex/ JJust ex Saksa-orig. 5e
Agnostic Front: For my family//Dead to me/Break the chains ex/ex Saksa-orig. green vinyl 7e
Alarm: The stand/Third light ex-/ex- Hollanti-orig. 8e
Alfredson, Hans: Gamle Man/Alfredson-Tage Danielsson-Lissi Alandh-M.Zetterlund: Notan ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 10e
Alice Babs: Yesterday/Alice & Titti: Close to you M-/ex Ruotsi-orig. 10e
Alice in Chains: Them Bones/We die youn ex/ex- Eu/Uk-orig. numbered 12e
Anderson, Lynn: Rose garden/Nothing between us ex-/- Suomi-orig. keskiö 5e
Andrews, Ruby: My lov yis coming down/Good n plenty ex-/- Us-orig. 13e
Angel: The Singles collection vol. 1 7x7"-BOX, white vinyls, M-/ex Lillith 2006 20e
Angel: The Singles collection vol. 2 7x7"-BOX, white vinyls, M-/ex Lillith 2006 20e
Angie: Peppermint lump/Breakfast in Naples M-/ex Uk-orig. 8,5e
Animals: Don´t bring me down/Cheating vg+/- Suomi-orig. ei keskiötä 5e
Anthony, Ray: The longest walk EP ex-/ex Uk-orig. keskiö 8e
Antoine: Les elucubrations d´Antoine EP vg+/ex- Ranska-orig. swobc 25e
Anyone´s Daughter: viel zuviel/Konsequenzen ex/ex Spiegel ei saksa 7e
Arabian Knights: The voice of the guns parts 1/2 -the March from Lawrence of Arabia ex-/ex Hollanti-orig. 10e
Armath, Orlando Orchestra: Martha of the river/Dongo vg+/ex- Belgia-orig. 7e
Armstrong, Louis: Take it Satch! Ep Philips 429 127 ex/ex Ruotsi-orig. 7e
Armstrong, Louis: Satcmo the great EP Philips 429 371 ex/ex Ruotsi-orig. gs 8e
Armstrong, Louis: And the good book part 3 ex(-)/ex Uk-orig. 8e
Armstrong, Louis: Kisses in der nacht//Ain´t misbehavin/Honeysuckle Rose ex7ex Saksa-orig. 7e
Arnold, Jerry: High class baby/Can´t do without you Rollin rock ex/- 5e
Arrival: Friends/Don´t take his love away ex-/ex- Uk-orig. PS 10e
Ashton, Bud/Paul Rich/Ronn Clay: Telstar + 3 EP vg+/ex- Ranska-orig. Embassyn artisteja, 10e
Asia: Heat of the moment/Ride easy ex/ex(-) Saksa-orig. 5e
Astronauts: I´m your astronaut/Commander Incredible M-/ex Uk-orig. red vinyl 7e
Atlanta rhythm Section: Get your head out of your heart (stereo)/mono Us-promo ex/- 5e
Atlantic Sounds: Pata pata/Blast off (Jimi Hendrix on guitar?) ex-/- Us-orig. co 15e
Atlantic Sounds: I gotta keep on gwine/L.David Sloane ex-/- Us-orig. 10e
Attila the Stockbroker: Cocktails EP ex-/Ex Uk-orig. 7e
Avalon, Frankie: Tuxedo junction/Where are you vg+/vg+ Us-orig. 10e
Axis: Someone/Long time ago ex-/- Ranska-orig. 7e
Axis: Someone/Long time ago ex/ex- Ranska-orig 4e
Axton, Hoyt: Evangelina/Hotel Ritz ex/- Uk-orig. 4e
Aznavour, Charles: Liberte EP ex/ex Ranska-orig. 10e
Aznavour, Charles: Les Comediens EP ex-/ex- Ranska-orig. tri-centre 7e
Aznavour, Charles: Les Deux Guitares EP ex-/ex Ranska-orig. 7e
Aznavour, Charles: Je M´Voyais deja EP ex-/ex- Ranska-orig. tri centre 7e
Aznavour, Charles: Il faut avoir EP ex-/ex Ranska-orig. tri centre 7e
Ayers, Roy/Wayne Henderson: No deposit no return/Heat of the beat ex/- Uk-orig. 7e

Bad Company: Can´t get enough/Litle Miss Fortune ex/- Uk-orig. 5e
Bad Company: This love/Tell it like it is ex/ex Saksa-orig. 5e
Bad Religion: American Jesus/Stelth ex/ex Us-orig. 10e
Bad News: Bohemian rhapsody/Life with Brian ex/ex Saksa-orig. 6e
Baez, Joan: Farewell Angelina/Queen hearts vg+/- Uk-orig. keskiö, Fontana-pussi 5e
Baldry, Long John: Cuckoo/Bring my baby back to me ex-/- Us-orig. Ascot-promo, hieman huono Ascot-pussi 20e
Bandwagon: Break down the walls of heartache/Dancin master ex-/- Uk-orig 10e
Bangles: Eternal flame/What I meant to say M-/ex Hollanti-orig. "promo"-tarra obc 5e
Barbed Wire Dolls: Demoralize/El Camino ex/ex Us-orig. red vinyl 6e
Bar-Kays: I want someone/A hard days night ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö 7e
Barksdale, Everett: One arm bandit/Firewater ex-/- Us-orig- 7e
Basie, Count-Joe Williams: Just meet the blues EP ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 13e
Basie, Count: A sound from the count Philips 426 018 Hollanti-orig. ex-/ex 6e
Basie, Count: På Dans in ex/ex Ruotsi-orig. punainen vinyyli 10e
Basie, Count orchestra featuring Lester Young: The Count and Prez EP ex/ex(-) Hollanti-orig. 9e
Basie, Count: Cornet pocket/Four five six ex/ex Ruotsi-orig. keskiö punainen vinyyli 10e
Bass, Fontella & Bobby McClure/Oliver Sain: Jerk loose ex-/- Hollanti-orig. 8e
., Bassey, Shirley: The Dynamic EP ex-/ex- Uk-orig. ei keskiötä 13e
Bassey, Shirley: Goldfinger/Strange how love can be ex/ex- 43 Italia-orig. hieno Sean Connery -kansi 10e
Beach Boys: Good vibrations/Let´s go away for awhile vg+/vg+ 60-luvun Ranska-painos 10e
Beach Boys: Then I kissed her/Mountain of love vg/- Uk-orig. Capitol- pussi, kiinteä keskiö 7e
Beach Boys: Sloop John B/You´re so good to me vg+/ex- Hollanti-orig. swoc 10e
Beach Boys: Fun fun fun/Why do fools fall in love ex-/- keskiö Ruotsi-orig. 6e
Beatles: Eleanor Rigby/Yellow Submarine M-/M- Japani -77? hieno 15e
Beatles: She loves you/I´ll get you vg/- Us-orig. 5e
Beast with a gun: Wicked ways/Uh huh honey ex/ex 4e
Beatitudes: The grace of mystery EP M-/ex Saksa-orig. 5e
Beautiful South: I´ll sail this ship alone/But til then M-/Ex Uk-orig. 5e
Becaud, Gilbert: Babette s´en va-t-e-en guerre EP soundtrack vg+/ex- Ranska-orig. kiva BB-kansi 13e
Bee Gees: Don´t forget to remember/The Lord ex/ex Saksa-orig. 8e
Bee Gees: I started a joke/Kilburn towers vg+/vg+ Saksa-orig. keskiö 5e
Bee Gees: Jumbo/The singer sang his osng vg+/ex Saksa-orig. 7e
Beggars Opera: I´m a roadie/Bar rom pearl ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. 7e
Belafonte, Harry: Calypso EP ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. keskiö 7e
Belafonte, Harry: Blues Sung by Belafonte ex-/ex Saksa-orig. 10e
Belafonte, Harry: Matilda/Cocanoat woman M/ex kuvalevy -87 Tanska 7e
Belafonte, Harry: Island in the sun/Banana boat song Mint/ex KUVALEVY -87 Tanska 7e
Belew, Adrian featuring David Bowie: Pretty Pink Rose/Heartbeat M-/ex- Saksa-orig. 7e
Bell, William: I forgot to be your love/Bring the curtain down ex/- 80-luvun Uk-repro, Stax-pussi, keskiö 4e
Benedicts: On the air/Cold comfort M-/- Waterfront-pussi. liite 8e
Bentley, Jay and the Jet Set: Everybody´s got a dancing partner me/Come on-on ex/- Us-orig. promo 10e
Benton, Brook: It´s just a matter of time/Hurtin inside vg+/- Suomi-orig. 10e
Berry, Dave: I´m gonna take you there/Just don´t know ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö 7e
Beta-Rays: Shockwave Detroit EP M-/ex- Itävalta-orig. splatter vinyl 4e
Bevis Frond: High in a flat/Dream syndicate: Blind Willie McTell vg+/- promo w. Pocketfull of brains mag issue 27 4e
Big: To be with you/Bab O´Riley ex/ex Saksa-orig. sstoc 4e
Big Thing: Johnny onetime tapes ex/ex Us-orig. ins 5e
Bijelo Dugme: Da Sam Pekar/Selma ex-/ex- Jugoslavia-orig. 8e
Bild Journalen Topp-Skivan 1965 -FLEXI orig ex-/- w. Mascots, Shanes & Merrymen 20e
Black Cat: Strollin after dark EP UUSI, PS 7e
Black Crowes: Jealous again/She talks to angels M-/ex Saksa-orig. 5e
Black Flowers:Harlem song/Harlem song vg+/vg+ Ranska-orig. 5e
Blackfoot Sue: Standing in the road/Celestial plain M-/- Uk-orig. solid centre 5e
Blast Furnace & the Heatwave: Blue Wave EP ex/ex Uk-orig. 10e
Blendells: Night after night/the love that i needed ex-/- Us-orig. co 10e
Blizzards Four: Soul shake/Tick-ticke-tick ex-/- Saksa-orig. Telefunken-pussi, siisti kpl 10e
Blood on the saddle: Please quit calling me from the jail + 3 EP ex/ex Us-orig. 5e
Blood, Sweat and tears: Spinning wheel/More and more ex-/vg Saksa-orig. multicoloured vinyl 7e
Blood, Sweat & Tears: Hi-de-ho/The battöle vg+/ex- Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 5e
Bloodstreet Boys: Blackmarket Baby/It´s too late M-/ex 007 records 500 pcs 10e
Bloomin Brothers: Drop down mama EP ex/ex Japani-orig. 7e
Blue Ridge Rangers: Hearts of stone/Somewehre listening ex/- Suomi-orig. keskiö 10e
Bolan, Marc & T.Rex: Chrsitmas bop//Shy Boy/Ride a white swan live ex-/- Uk-82 kuvalevy 8e
Bon Jovi: Wanted dear or alive/Shot through the heart ex/ex Uk-orig. 5e
Bon Jovi: Never say goodbye/Shot through the heart M-/M- Hollanti-orig. 5e
Bon Jovi: Born to be my baby/Love for sale ex/ex Hollanti-orig. 5e
Bonnet, Graham: Night games/Out of the water vg+/vg+ Hollanti-orig. 5e
Boomtown Rats: Never in a million years/Don´talk to me ex-/vg+ Uk-orig. 5e
Boone, Pat: Merry Christmas EP vg+/ex Suomi-orig. ei keskiötä 13,5e
Boone: Pat: Mardi Gras ex-/ex Uk-orig. ei keskiötä 10e
Boone, Pat: Sings Irving Berlin vg+/ex Uk-orig. ei keskiötä 8e
Boone, Pat: Moody River/The Exodus song ex-/- keskiö Suomi-orig. 10e
Boone, Pat: Sings songs from Friendly persuasion vg+/ex Uk-orig. tri-centre 8e
Boone, Pat: Howdy part 3 EP ex-/ex Uk-orig., keskiö 12e
Boone, Pat: S/T EP Good rockin tonight + 3 vg+/ex- Suomi.orig. keskiö 10e
Boone, Pat: Sings Twixt twelve and twenty ex-/ex- Ruotsi-orig. keskiö, siisti kpl 10e
Boots: The Animal in me/Even the bad times are good vg+/- Us-orig. DJ copy huono levy-yhtiö-(Date)-pussi 12e
Bootsy´s Rubber band: Bootzilla/ Vanish in your sleep ex/- Us-orig. 6e
Boppers: Remember then/Little darlin ex-/- Ruotsi-orig. 3,5e
Boss Hoss: Yer OK/Litebulb lues ex/ex Saksa-orig. 4e
Boss Martians. i wanna be your addiction/Already there ex/ex- Suomi-orig. 5e
Bostic, Earl: Flamingo EP vg+/ex Ruotsi-orig-. keskiö 15e
Boston Pops: I want to hold your hand/Hello Dolly ex/ex- Us-orig 4e
Box Tops: Cry like a baby/The Door you closed to me ex-/- Uk-orig. PROMO, keskiö, swol 10e
Boyd, Franklyn & Sven-Olof Walldoffs orkester: Spanis lace/Don´t you believe it vg+/- Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 10e
Boyer, Jacqueline: Tom Pillibi/Francois Deguelt: Ce soir-la ex-/- Suomi-painos, keskiö, nätti Columbia-pussi 10e
Bram Tchaikovsky: Girl of my dreams/Come back M-/ex Uk-orig 8e
Brenda & The Tabulations: Home to myself/sama (mono) ex/- Chocolate city CC 004 Us promo 5e
Briscoe, Jimmy: I´ll care for you/Movin on ex-/- Us-orig. 5e
Broken Bones: Death walks the streets EP ex/M- Dr. Strange records 6e
Broken Bones: No-one survives ex/ex- Dr. Strange records ltd. ed. 800 pcs 6e
Brooker, Gary: Homelovin/Chasing for the chop ex/ex Hollanti-orig. 5e
Brothers Four: The Green leaves of summer/Greenfield ex-/- Suomi-orig. keskiö 5e
Brothers of Love: Yes I am/Sweetie pie ex-/- Us-orig. Mercury blue rock -pussi co 5e
Brothers Pride: Melody fair/To love vg+/- Us-orig. 5e
Brown, Boots. let´s go to Strollsville ex-/- Us-orig. swol 10e
Brown, James: Bring it on...bring it on/The night time is the right time ex/- Uk-orig. (-82) 5E
Brown, James: How do you stop/House of rock M-/ex Hollanti-orig. 7e
Brown, James: Bring it up/Nobody knows vg+/vg+ Saksa-orig. 12e
Brown, Laverne: With red beans and rice ep ex/ex Uk-orig. 8e
Brown, Les: In town Part 3 ex-/ex- Us-orig. 7e
Brownsville Station: Smokin in the boy´s room/Barefootin ex-/- Uk-orig. swol 5e
Brubeck, Dave: Brubeck meets Rushing EP ex/ex Hollanti-orig. keskiö 15e
Brubeck, Dave: Thank you EP ex-/ex- Hollanti-orig. 10e
Brubeck, Dave: Jazz impresions of Eurasia EP ex-/ex Uk-orig keskiö 10e
Brubeck, Dave: Little rock getaway EP ex(-)/ex Uk-orig. keskiö 15e
Brubeck, Dave: Gone with the wind/Georgia on my mind ex/ex Hollanti-orig, keskiö 10e
Brubeck, Dave: Swanee river/The lonesome road vg+/ex- Hollanti-orig. keskiö 7e
´ Bruce Springstone: Take me out to the ball game//Bedrock rap/Meet the Flintstones ex-/ex Uk-orig. 5e
Buffalo Springfield: Expection to fly/Everydays ex-/- Us-orig. Atco-pussi co 5e
Burnette, Rocky: Tired of toein the line/Clowns from outer space ex/ex- Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 6e
Burton, Richard: A Married man ex/ex- pahvisinkku "Show"-lehdestä -65 7e
Bush, Kate: Running up that hill/Under the ivy ex-/ex Saksa-orig. swobc 5e
Bush, Kate: Running up that hill/Under the ivy ex-/ex- Uk-orig. gs 6e
Butt Trumpet: Grindcore song + 3 EP ex/ex Us-orig. 8e
Byrd, Charlie: Stars fell on Alabama EP ex-/ex- Uk-orig. keskiö 10e
Byrd, Charlie: You stepped out of a dream ex-/ex- Uk-orig. keskiö 10e
Byrds: Things will be better/For free ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö 7e

Campbell, Alex: Way out West EP ex/- Uk-orig. 5e
Campbell, Glen: Universal soldier/Spanish Shades ex/vg+ Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 10e
Camy, Colette: Viens viens viens viens + 3 EP ex-/ex- Ranska-orig. kiva kansikuva 20e
Candymen: Georgia pines/Movies in my mind ex-/- Us-orig. Abc-pussi 5e
Capris: There´s amoon out tonight/Indian girl ex/- Old town records 1094 13,5e
Captain Sensible: This is your Captain speeking EP vg+/vg+ Uk-orig. gs 5e
Carnaby Street Set: I was Kaiser Bill´s Batman/Tender savage vg/- Us-orig. 5e
Carr, Linda: Highwire/Mama´s little corner of the world ex/ex- Saksa-orig. 5e
Carter, Benny: Devil´s Holiday EP Columbia SEG 7691 ex/ex Uk-orig. 13,5e
Carter, Clarence: I got caught/sama (mono ex/- Abc 1213 us promo 7e
Carver, John: Gotta go home/You are that something vg+/- Us-orig. 5e
Cash, Johnny: What is truth/If I were a carpenter w. June Carter ex/- 70-luvun lopun Columbia, Hall of Fame -pussi 5e
Casino Royales: Love in the open air/When I tell you that I love you ex-/- Us-orig. promo 5e
Castells: I do/Teardrops a-puolen sovittaja/tuottaja= Brian Wilson ex-/- Us-orig. WB-pussi 80e
Castillo Raul de: Las mujeres y los coches/Si te fueras de una vez ex/ex Espanja-orig. -69 upea värillinen tyttökansi 5e
Castor, Jimmy Bunch: Everything is beautiful to me/sama (mono ex/- Atlantic 45-3362 us promo 7e
Cavallero, Carmer: Rhumbas for dancing EP vg+/ex- hieno tyttökansi Saksa-orig. 6e
Cave, Nick:Are you the one i´ve been waiting for/Come into my sleep ex/ex- Uk-orig. 12e
CCS: Hurricane coming/Dragsten ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö 5e
Chad & Jeremy: Summer song/No tears for Johnny vg+/- Uk-orig. 7e
Challengers: Everything to me/Water country ex-/- US-orig. promo 10e
Chamberlain, Richard: Blue guitar/They long to be close to you ex-/- Uk-orig., keskiö, MGM-pussi 7e
Chambermen: My day has come/Shotgun II vg+/- US-orig. 25e
Chandler, Gene: Love is the answer/I´m atracted to you vg+/- Uk-orig. keskiö 3e
Charles,Ray: Modern sounds in country & western ex/ex ps 13,5e
Charles, Ray: L´authentique -Ep ex-/ex Ranska-orig. Concert Hall V 543 50-luvun lopulta, siisti kpl 10e
Charles, Ray Singers: A touch of pink/Hip hop ex-/- Uk-orig. tri-centre, Brunswick-pussi sstol 6e
Chalkitis, Harris: Ridin free, livin loneley/If I could ex-/ex Ranska-orig. 8e
Charmaine, Sister: Hol a rest/? Jamaika-orig. ex/- 5e
Checker, Chubby: The twist/Toot ex-/- keskiö Uk-orig. 5e
Checker, Chubby: Rum and coca-cola/A lotta limbo vg+/- Ruotsi-orig. keskiö sininen vinyyli 5e
Chiboust, Noel: Da dou ron ron EP ex-/ex- Ranska-orig. 8e
China crisis: Tragedy & mystery/A golden handshake for every dauhter ex/- Uk-kuvalevy 10e
China Street: Rock against racism/China street ex(-)/ex Uk-orig., keskiö 5e
Chineapple Punx/Urko: Split EP ex/ex ins 5e
Chipmunks: The Chipmunk song/David Seville: Almost good ex-/- Uk-orig., keskiö, London-pussi 8e
Chordettes: Lollipop baby + 3 Ep London RE 5011 ex-/ex siisti kpl, keskiö Ruotsi-orig. 50e
Christie: Alabama/I´m alive ex(-)/- Uk-orig. Epic-pussi, keskiö 5e
Chron Gen: Free Live EP ex-/ex- 10e
Cicadas: That´s what I want/Hey wha d´ya say vg+/vg Saksa-orig. kannen toisessa reunassa teippaus 20e
Cinquetti, Gigliola: Non ho l´eta/Sei un bravo ragazzo ex-/ex- Tanska-orig. keskiö 15e
Clapton, Eric: After midnight/Easy Now ex/ex Italia-orig. 10e
Clark, Dave: Sweet city woman/Love comes but twice ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö 5e
Clark, Dave Five: I knew it all the time/That´s what I said ex-/- Us-orig, co 7e
Clark, Petula: Casanova/Chariot vg+/- keskiö 5e
Clark, Petula: Cinderella Jones/All over now ex-/- Suomi-orig. keskiö 8e
Clark, Petula: Sailor/My heart ex-/- Suomi-orig. keskiö 8e
Clark, Petula: Melody man/ Big love sale ex-/ex Ranska-orig. 17e
Clark, Petula: Bang bang/Strangers in the night ex-/- Ranska-orig. Vogue-levy-yhtiö -kansi 12e
Clark, Petula: Colour my world/Take me home again ex-/- Ranska-orig. Vogue-levy-yhtiö -kansi 12e
Clark, Petula/Supremes: The Coca-cola jingle a go-go/The sound -67 The Coca-cola jingle a go-go vg+/vg+ Cokis-mainoslevy, ei maatietoja, ilm. Ruotsi 10e
Clash: Return to Brixton/The Guns of Brixton ex/ex- Hollanti-orig. 7e
Clash: Return to Brixton/The Guns to Brixton: ex/vg+ Uk-orig. 5e
Clifford, Buzz: Baby sittin boogie/Driftwood ex(-)/- Uk-orig. keskiö 15e
Climax Chicago:You make me sick/Shake your love ex/- keskiö Harvest-pussi 5e-
Clinton, George: Nubian nut/Free alterions ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. 5e
Clooney, Rosemary: Where will the dimple be + 3 EP ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig. keskiö, tyylikäs kuvakansi 20e
Clooney, Rosemary: You make me fel so good EP ex-/ex- Ruotsi-orig. keskiö siisti, hieno kansikuva Rosemarysta 10e
Clooney, Rosemary: Swings softly no 1 ex/ex Uk-orig. ei keskiötä, nätti 17e
Cock Sparrer/Oppressed: Out on the streest again EP ex/ex Saksa-orig. 9e
Cogan, Alma: Tennessee waltz + 3 EP ex-/ex- Ruotsi-orig. keskiö PS siisti kpl 25e
Cogan, Alma: I don´t mind being all alone/We got love ex-/- Suomi-orig. keskiö 10e
Cohen, Leonard: Memories/Don´t go home with your hard-on ex-/ex- Hollanti-orig. 4e
Coitus: Real cold fear//Soul destroyer/I love livin in the city ex/ex Uk-orig. 5e
Collins, Dave & Ansil: Double barrell/version 2 ex/ex Ruotsi-orig. 5e
Collins, Dave & Ansil: Double barrel/Instr. ex-/- Us-orig. Big tree -pussi 5e
Colorifics: Vista cruisers/Lovely waltz ex/ex Us-orig. green vinyl 7e
Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen: Beat me daddy eight to the bar/Daddy´s gonna tret you right ex-/ex Us-orig. 12e
Commander Cody: Triple cheese/Rockette 88 ex(-)/ex- Saksa-orig. 10e
Como, Perry: You´ll never walk alone EP ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. 50-60-l. vaiheesta, tri centre -keskiö, tehtaan sisäpussi 8e
Concrete Sox 99: The New EP ex/ex Uk-orig. ins 4e
Conley, Arthur: Shake, rattle and roll/You don´t have to see me vg+/- Uk-orig. keskiö 5e
Cooke, Sam: Twistin the night away/One more time vg+/- RCA-pussi, keskiö 8e
Cooder, Ry: Little Sister/I think it´s gonna work out today ex/ex Hollanti-orig. 5e
Cooper, Alice: I´m flash/Elkie Brooks: Trapped ex-/ex- UK-PROMO, keskiö, wol 25e
Cort, Bob Skiffle group: Don´t you rock me daddy-O/It takes a worried man to sing a worried blues vg/- Saksa-orig., Decca-pussi, ei keskiötä, soi ok! 7e
Costello,Elvis:Watching the detectives/Accidents will happen/Alison a-puolen alussa muutaman kerran napsahtava naarmu, muuten ex Us Columbia demo 10e
Costello, Elvis I wanna be loved/Turning the town red M-/ex- Hollanti-orig. 7e
Costello, Elvis: I don´t want to go to Chelsea/You belong to me ex/ex Uk-orig. 7e
Costello,Elvis: Radio radio/Tiny steps ex/ex Ada 24 Uk 8,5e
Costello,Elvis: Stranger in a house/Neat neat neat M-/- Radar-pussi 5e
Costello, Elvis: I wanna be loved/Turning the town red M-/ex- Hoanti-orig, 5e
Costello,Elvis:Oliver´s army/My funny Valentine ex/- Radar-pussi Uk 5e
Costello, Elvis: Less tahn zero/Radio sweetheart ex/ex(-) Uk-orig. 7e
Costello,Elvis: Don´t let me be misunderstood/Baby's got a brand new hairdo ex/ex Uk 5e
Counselor: Maggiage impossible/Make your memory let go of me ex/- Us-orig. DJ-copy 4e
Covay, Don: Pony time/Love boat//Eddie Gaines: I never had it so good/Out of gas vg+/vg+ Ranska-orig. keskiö 10e
Coverdale, David: The last note of freedom/Gimme some lovin ex/ex- Hollanti-orig. 5e
County, Wayne & the Electric Chairs: Blantantly offensive EP ex/ex- Uk-orig, kultavinyyli 15e
Cramer, Floyd: Hot as pepper EP Rca EPA 8063 Saksa-orig. inn keskiö 20e
Crosby, Bob and the Bobcats: S/T ex/ex Uk-orig., keskiö, siisti kpl 8e
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: American dream/Compass ex-/ex Saksa-orig. swobc 4e
Crystals: He´s sure the boy I love/Walking along vg+/- Uk-orig. keskiö 15e
Cult: Wild hearted son/Indian ex-/ex Saksa-orig. 4e
Cult: Go West/Sea and sky ex/ex 2-painos Uk 5e
Cult: Edie/Bleeding heart ex/ex Uk-orig. 5e
Cult: Revolution/All souls avenue ex/ex- Uk-orig. 4e
Cult: Fire woman/Automatic blues ex/ex- Us-orig. 4e
Cut: In dieser stadt/Ships vg+/vg+ Suomi-orig. 3e
CYD:Rick & Strange/Love Mandarin M-/- Uk-orig. kuvalevy 5e

Dabray with Fairuz: Amm Bithhawwi Ash-shams + 3 EP ex/ex Uk-orig. folkahtavaa arabiakielistä pop-iskelmää v- 62 8e
Dagens Ungdom: Den Sanningsökande hunden vg+/vg+ Ruotsi-orig. 15e
Dahl, Kerstin: Lite grann romantisk/Machester och Liverpool vg+/ex- Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 10e
Daltrey, Roger: Oceans away/sama ex-/- Us-promo-orig. 10e
Damned: Gigolo/The Portrait ex-/ex- Uk-orig red vinyl inn 7e
Damned: Gigolo/The Portrait ex/ex Uk-orig. green vinyl inn gs 8e
Damned: Shadow of love/Nightshift ex-/ex- Uk-orig. gs 7e
Damned: Friday the 13th EP ex-/ex Hollanti-orig. 7e
Damned: Wait for the Blackout/Captain Sensible: Jet boy, jet girl ex-/- Uk-orig. PICTURE DISC 7e
Dante, Troy: Little star/These are not my people ex/- Uk-orig. MCA-pussi, keskiö 6e
Darin, Bobby: Twist with EP vg+/ex Ruotsi-orig keskiö 20e
Darin, Bobby: If I were a carpenter/Rainin ex/ex Ruotsi-orig., keskiö 10e
Darin, Bobby: Walk Bach to me/Come September ex/vg+ Ruotsi-orig swoc 12e
Darkness: One way ticket/Grief hammer MINT EU-orig. KUVALEVY 6e
Darkness: Love is only a feeling/Planning permission MINT EU-orig. KUVALEVY 6e
Darkness: Is it just me?/Shit ghost MINT Eu-orig. KUVALEVY 5e
Daniels, Walter: Wade diver 3tr ex-/ex- Italia-orig. 15e
Darin, Bobby: Irresistible you/Multiplication vg+/vg+ Us-orig. PS swoc 8e
Davies, Dave: Suzannah´s still alive/Funny face ex/- Uk-orig. Pye-pussi, keskiö 15e
Davis, Billie: Tell him:/I´m thankful ex/- Uk-orig, keskiö, Decca-pussi 5e
Davis, Maxwell: Green hornet/Tijuana Harlem ex/- Us-orig. promo 10e
Davis,Miles Quintet:Budo/Todd´s delight ex/ex Philips Hollanti orig. 10e
Davis, Sammy: The gypsy in my soul + 3 Ep ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 5e
Davis, Spencer Group: Somebody help me/Stevie´s blues vg(+)/vg+ Ruotsi-orig, soi ok, ei keskiötä 10e
Davis, Spencer: Time seller/Don´t want you no more vg+/- Uk-orig. keskiö 6e
Davis, Warren Monday Band: Without fear/Any man´s girl ex-/- Us-orig. promo 10e
Day, Doris, Johnny Raitt ym: The Pajama game vg+/ex- Ruotsi-orig. keskiö, 10e
Day, Doris: Move over darling EP M-/M- Uk-orig. solid center hieno 8e
Dayde:Only a man/Paperback writer ex/ex- 7e
Dead Kennedys: Bleed for me/Life sentence ex-/ex- Suomi-orig. 15e
Dead Kennedys: Too drunk to fuck/The Prey M-/ex Uk-re 15e
Deal, Bill & the Rhondels: It´s too late/So what if it rains vg+/ex- Saksa-orig. 10e
Dean and Jean: Hey Jean,hey Dean/Please don´t tell me now ex-/- Us-orig. Rust 5075 co 6e
Dee, Dave: Everything about her/If I beleived in tomorrow vg+/ex- Ruotsi-orig. 10e
Dee, Dave, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich: Zabadak/The Sun goes diown ex-/- Suomi-orig. keskiö, Fontana-pussi 8e
Dee, Joey & the Stalighters: Peppermint twist ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig., keskiö, red vinyl 15e
Deejays: Baby talk/I´ll never getfgv over you vg+/ex Tanska-orig. keskiö 35e
Deejays: Dum dum/Pitcure of you vg+/- Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 7e
Deep Purple: Black night/Woman from Tokyo M-/M- RSD 2015 -julkaisu PS 8e
Deee-Lite: Power of love/Deee-lite theme ex-/ex Saksa-orig. sstoc 4e
Defiance: Burn EP ex-/ex- Consensus reality Us, ins 7e
Def Leppard: Rock of ages/Action! not words ex/ex Hollanti-orig. 25e
Def Leppard: Photograph/Bringin on the heartbreak ex/ex Hollanti-orig 20e
Def Leppard: Bringin on the heartbreak/Me and my wine ex/ex- Uk-orig. 35e
Def Leppard: Ride into the sun/Getcha rocks off//The Overture ex-/- Uk-orig. 15e
Deformed: Sacrifice (Ritual/Crypt, from the Grave ex-/ex- Tanska-orig. red vinyl, poster sleeve 20e
Defunkt: Razor´s edge/Strangling me with your love ex-/- Uk-orig. 4e
Delaney, Eric band: Down home/Manhatta spiritual ex-/- keskiö Suomi-orig. 5e
Delarc, Nicole: Twiste et chante + 3 EP vg/vg+ Ranska-orig. 10e
Delgado, Roberto: Lekiss/Schwedenmädel M-/ex- Saksa-orig. 7e
Delmin, Dany: La mer et le vent EP vg+/ex- Ranska-orig. 8e
Delpech, Michel: Le restaurant Chinois + 3 EP ex/ex Ranska-orig. 60s ranskalaista poppia 15e
Delta Rhythm Boys: S/T ex/ex 60-luvun Gala-painos Ruotsi 5e
Dennis, Jackie: The Purple people eater/You-oo vg+/- Saksa-orig. ei keskiötä 6e
Den Syngende Nonne: Dominique/Entre les etoiles ex/- Suomi-orig. Philips-pussi, keskiö 10e
De Paris, Wilbur New Orlerans Band: Petite fleur/Ove and over aigan ex-/- suomi-orig. "Äänilevy tuliaisiksi"-pussi, keskiö 7e
Denver, John: Sunshine on my shoulders/Around and around ex-/ex Saksa-orig. 4e
Derringer, Rick: Teenage love affair/Joy ride ex/- Uk-orig. 7e
Detroit Emeralds: Feel the need/sama (mono WestpoundWB 55401 Us promo 8,5e-
Devastating affair: You don' t know/sama (mono) Motown M 1321 Us promo 7e-
Dexy´s Midnight runners: This is what´s she like/ST (finale) ex/ex Hollanti-orig. 5e
Diablos: El Bandito/Hombre ex/- Us-orig. promo swol 15e
Dictators: Search & destroy/Sleeping with the TV on ex-/- Uk-orig. Asylum-pussi 6e
Diddley, Sir Bald and his Right Honourable Big Wigs: Introducing EP ex-/ex Uk-orig. 13,5e
Diddley, Sir Bald and his Right Honourable Big Wigs: More EP ex/ex Uk-orig. 15e
Diddley, Sir Bald and his Right Honourable Big Wigs: Beach party EP ex/ex Uk-orig. 15e
Die Puhdys: Geh zu ihr/Zeiten und weiten vg+/ex- DDR-orig. 15e
Die Toten Hosen: Zamrozona wyborowa + 3 EP Saksa-orig. numeroitu 0791/2000, clear vinyl, stickered plastic sleeve M-/ex- 27e
Dietrich, Marlene: Sag mir wo die blumen sind/Die welt war jung ex-/- Suomi-orig. keskiö, HMV-pussi 5e
Dirt Bombs: High octane salvation EP ex-/ex Us-orig. 5e
Dirt Bombs: Posesion/Refried dreams ex-/- Us-orig. 4e
Dirt Bombs/Adult: Split M-/ex- Us-orig. numbered 6e
Dirt Bombs: No expections/Sing this all together M-/- Us-orig Norton-pussi 5e
Disc: Not meant ot be/Come back to me vg/- Uk-Columbia -promo, swol, keskiö 15e
Disorder: Pain headache aggression M-/ex 7e
Dive: Force five + 4 EP ex/ex Us-orig. (ltd. "Festival"-press, Moo Cow Records ins 10e
D.O.A: It´s not unusual.../Dea men tell no tales ex/ex Uk-orig. 5e
Doctor & the Medics: Spirit in the sky/Laughing at the pieces M-/ex Saksa-orig. 5e
Dr Feelgood: As long as the price is right/Down at the doctors vg+/ex- Uk-orig. purple vinyl keskiö 10e
Dr Feelgood: Hunting shooting fishing/Big enough ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig. 6e
Dr Feelgood: As long as the price is right/Down at the other Doctors ex-/ex- Uk-orig musta vinyyli keskiö 10e
Dogs D´amour: Medicine man flexi ex/- 7e
Donegan, Lonnie: Hit parade vol. 2 EP ex-/ex Uk-orig. swobc, kannen yläreunassa siisti teippaus 15e
Donovan: Colours/To sing for you vg+/- Uk-orig, keskiö, Pye-pussi 6e
Dorsey, Tommy: Trumper Cha chas Ep ex(-)/ex Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 10e
Donnas: Rock´n roll machine/Speeding back to my baby M-/ex Us-orig. 10e
Down Syndrome: EP ex/ex- Kanada-orig. 15e
Drexel, Simone: Mikado/Die Marionetten ex-/ex Saksa-orig,. -75-Euroviisu-biisi, nätti kuvakansi 5e
Drum Theatre: Home is where the heart is/Now and forever ex/- Uk-kuvalevy 8e
Dubrovacki Trubaduri: Jedan dan EP ex/ex- Jugo-orig. swobc 20e
Dudan, Pierre: Tamoure-enamoure EP ex-/ex- Ranska-orig. 20e
Dudley, Dave: Wave at em Billy boy stereo/mono Us-orig. promo ex-/- 5e
Dundeeville Players: Wheels/Woodpecker ex-/- Uk-orig. promo Stateside-pussi, keskiö prod. by Norman Petty 15e
Dylan, Bob: A fool such as I/Knockin on heaven´s door ex-/- 70-luvun Us-painos, Columbia grey label 4e
Dury, Ian: Profoundly in love with Pandora/Eugenius ex/ex- Hollanti-orig. wobc 5e
Dutones: The Bird/Done got over itvg+/- Us-orig. woc 5e
Dutronc, Jacques: Et moi, et moi et moi + 3 EP ex/ex- Ranska-orig. ranskalaista freabeatia swobc 25e
Dyke, Leroy Van: Walk on by/The world is caving in ex-/- Ruotsi-orig., keskiö Philips-pussi 6e
Dylan, Bob: Like a Rolling stone/Gates of eden vg+/- Uk-orig. 5e
Dylan, Bob: Precious angel/Trouble in mind ex/ex Saksa-orig. 8e
Dylan, Bob: Heart of mine/Let it be me ex/- Cbs-pussi Uk-orig. 6e
Dyson, Romald: Aquarius/Rado, McDermott etc: Hair vg+/ex- Saksa-orig. PS 4e

Eagles: Heartache tonight/Teenage jail ex-/- Us-orig. elektra-pussi 3e
Eagles: Tryin/Cug all night ex-/- Uk-orig. Asylum-pussi, keskiö 7e
Earle, Steve: Rain came down 2x7" ex/ex- Uk-orig. gs 7e
Easybeats: Who´ll be the one/Saturday night vg+/- Uk-orig. kiinteä keskiö, huonohko UA-pussi 10e
Eater: Get yo yos out - Eater Live Ep ex/ex- Uk-orig. white vinyl 10e
Eberle, Ray: Sings and plays the music of today EP ex-/ex(-) Us-orig. 5e
Eckstine, Billy: For love of Ivy/A woman ex-/- Us-orig. wol, co 5e
Eckstine, Billy: I´m saving the dreams for a rainy day EP ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö 10e
Eddy, Duane: Boss guitar (with Rebelettes)/The desert rat vg+/vg+ Saksa-orig. 12e
Eddy, Duane: Boss guitar/Desert rat ex-/vg+ Saksa-orig. 8e
Eddy, Duane: Rebel rouser/Stalkin ex-/- Uk-orig. Decca-pussi, keskiö, siisti kpl 40e
Edelhagen, Kurt: A toast to the bands EP M-/ex Saksa-orig. 5e
Edmunds, Dave: From small things, big things come/Dear Dad ex/ex- Saksa-orig. 5e
Edmunds, Dave: Steel claw/How could I be so wrong M-/ex Uk-orig. 7e
Edmunds, Dave: The wanderer/Information ex-/ex Saksa-orig. swobc 4e
Edmunds, Dave: Slipping away/Don´t call me tonight ex/ex- Saksa-orig. 5e
Edmunds, Dave: Something about you baby/Can´t get enough M-/ex Hollanti-orig. 6e
Edmunds, Dave: Almost saturday night/You´ll never get me up ex/ex- Uk-orig. 7e
Electric Light Orchestra: Boy blue/sama US Promo M/- 7e-
Eire Apparent: Let me stay/Yes I need someone ex-/- US-orig. co 6e
Elbert, Donnie: Where did our love go/That´s if you love me ex/- All platinum Ap 2330 Us 7e
Electrons: In the midnight hour/It ain´t no big thing ex-/- Us-orig. 10e
ELO:First movement/10538 overture Emi Uk keskiö 5e
Elton John: Step into Christmas/Ho ho ho ex/- Uk-orig. keskiö DJM-pussi 5e
Elusives: You won´t find better than me/Lost love vg+/- Us-orig. co 10e
Emperors: Pretty Ballerina/He´s won vg+/- Saksa-orig. Columbia-pussi -67 Brittipoppia 25e
Englund, Ernie: Wonderland by night EP vg+/ex Ruotsi-orig. punainen vinyyli 10e
Equators: If you need me/So what´s new ex/ex- Uk-orirg. 5e
Evans, Russell: Send me cornbread/The Bold ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö 20e
Exit Condition: Bite down hard EP ex-/ex Pustmort-Ranska 5e
Exploited: Attack/Alternative M-/M- Suomi-orig. 20e
Extreme: More than words/Nice place to visit ex/ex- Hollanti-orig. 4e
Extreme: Decadence dance ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 1-puoleinen, b-side etched 4e
Fabares, Shelley: My Prayer/Pretty Please ex./vg+ Saksa-orig, keskiö 8e
Fabulous Thunderbirds: Tuff enuff/Look at that, look at that ex-/ex- Ruotsi-orig. 8e
Fahey, Brian & His Orchestra: Twang/You can´t catch me ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö 25e
Fairy Tale: Stroy with no end/Street noise vg+/ex Hollanti-orig., hyvää hollanilaista rockia v. -71 10e
Faithfull, Marianne: Yesterday/Oh look around ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö 8e
Faithfull, Marianne: As tears go by/Greensleeves ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö 7e
Fakes: Production 3tr.EP ex/ex- Uk-orig. 35e
Family Fodder: Savour fair/Carnal knowledge ex/ex Uk-orig. 9e
Farren, Mick & the Deviants: All Schrewed Up ex/ex Uk-orig. keltaine vinyyli 15e
Fat Boys: Are you readu Freddy/Back and forth ex/ex Saksa-orig. 5e
Fawns:Wish you were here with me/Nothing but love can save me ex/- Us co 7e
Federals: Marlena/Please believe me vg/- Uk-orig. keskiö 12e
Felder, Don: Heavy metal (Takin a ride)/All of you ex./vg+ Us-orig-. leffakansi 5e
Feliciano, Jose: Hi-heel sneakers/Hitchcock railway ex-/ 60s Us-painos 5e
Ferry, Bryan: The In crowd/Chance meeting ex-/vg+ Uk-orig. keskiö 8e
Ferry, Bryan: Sign of the times/Four letter love ex-/- Uk-orig. 4e
Ferry, Bryan: Tokyo Joe/She´s leaving home ex-/- Uk-orig. 4e
Fever Tree: San Fransciso girls/Come with me vg/- Uk-orig. keskiö, MCA-pussi 8e
Fidenco, Nico: Legata a un granello di sabbia/Ridi ridi ex-/ex- Italia-orig. hieno tyttökansi 5e
5th Dimension: Paper cup/Poor side of town ex/- Us-orig. co 5e
Five Americans: Don´t blame me/Evol - Not love vg+/- Us-orig. A-puoli erinomainen garage-rocker 12e
5th Dimension: Paper cup/Poor side of town ex/- Us-orig. co 5e
Fifth Order: A thousand devils/Today I got a letter ex(-)/- Us-orig. Laurie-pussi co 15e
Fingerprintz: Bullet proof heart/Hiede and seek ex/ex- Uk-orig. 5e
Fitzgerald, Ella: Ella On Stage EP ex-/ex- Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 15e
Fitzgerald, Ella: Songbook 1 EP Karusell VEP 5003 ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig. 7e
Fitzgerald, Ella: A swinging Christmas EP ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig., keskiö 8e
Five Crowns: Just a part of life/sama (inst.) ex/- 5e
Five Tops: Don´t let him take your love from me/The Key ex/- Us-orig. Motown-pussi, co 7e
Flack, Roberta: Killing me softlywith his song/Just like a woman vg+/- Suomi-orig., keskiö 4e
Flamin Groovies: Jumpin Jack Flash/Blues from Phillys vg+/vg+ Hollanti-orig. 10e
Flanagan, Ralph: In Hi-fi EP vg+/vg+ Saksa-orig. 4e
Flash & the board of directors: I pray for rain/When the love light is shinin ex-/- Us-orig. 15e
Flash & the board of directors: Busy signal/Love ain´t easy ex-/- Us-orig. 10e
Fleetwood Mac: Oh Well/Part 2 ex-/ex Saksa-orig. keskiö 25e
Fleetwood Mac: Albatross/Man of the world M-/ex- -89-Uk-re 5e
Floyd, Eddie: I' m just the kind of fool/I´ve never found a girl ex/- Us-orig. co 5e
Flying Machine: Yes I understand/Pages of your life ex-/- Uk-orig. 5e
Flying Lizards: TV/Tube M-/ex- Uk-orig. 5e
Fogerty, John: Eye of the zombie/I confess ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. 4e
Folk American songs for children EP vg+/vg+ kuin yllä Atalantic EP 80054 10e
Ford, Emile: What do you want to make those eyes at me for? + 3 Ep ex-/- Ruotsi-orig. Metronome-pussi, keskiö 5e
Forbes, Bill: Poker face/Marianne ex-/- Suomi-orig, ei keskiötä 6e
Ford, Ricky: You´re my love/Long way from love ex-/- Uk-orig. Parlophone promo, keskiö 10e
Forerunners: A long way down/Magic of a girl ex-/- Us-orig. folk rockia v. -65 10e
Foundations: In the bad bad old days/Give me love ex-/ex- Ruotsi-orig., keskiö 4e
Fountain, Clarence: Confusing times/Peace among the nations ex-/- Jewel 150 Us 8,5e-
Fourmost: A little loving/Waitin for you ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö 7e
Fourmost: Everything in the garden/He could never vg+/- Uk-orig. keskiö 5e
Four Seasons: Dawn/No Surfin today vg+/vg+ Hollanti-orig. keskiö 7e
Four Seasons: Let´s hang on ex-/ex- Hollanti-orig. keskiö 7e
Four Aces: Music for the girl friend -EP vg+/ex- Suomi-orig., keskiö, kiva pin up -kansi 8e
Four Slicks: Betty Lou EP ex/ex Ranska-orig. 4e
Four Seasons: Let´s hang on/On Broadway tonight vg+/- Uk-orig. 4e
Frachet, Pierre: La fete du travail EP ex/ex- Ranska-orig. 15e
Frachet, Pierre: La Saint-Jean D´ete Ep ex/ex- Ranska-orig. 10e
Frachet, Pierre: En allant a l énterrement EP ex-/ex- Ranska-orig. 10e
Francis, Connie: Drowning my sorrows/Look at Him vg+/- Suomi-orig. keskiö 8e
Francis, Connie: From Italy with Love M-/M- Uk-orig. keskiö upea 20e
Francis, Connie: My heart has a mind of his own + 3 EP ex/ex Tanska-orig. keskiö 10e
Francis, Connie: Hey ring-ading EP M-/ex Uk-orig keskiö 20e
Francis, Connie: Breakin in a brand new broken heart + 3 EP M-/vg+ Suomi-orig. keskiö 20e
Francis, Connie: Mr Twister EP ex/ex Tanska-orig, keskiö 20e
Francis, Connie: Mister Twister EP M-/M- Ranska-orig. keskiö hieno 50e
Francis, Connie: What kind of a fool am I EP M-/ex Uk-orig. keskiö upea 20e
Francis, Connie: A girl in love EP M-/ex Uk-orig keskiö hieno 20e
Francis, Connie:Sings (The Bell´s of St.Mary´s) + EP ex/vg+ Tanska-orig. keskiö 10e
Francis, Connie: Tunna skivor Ep (Everybody+s somebodys fool) vg+/ex- Tanska-orig. keskiö 8e
Francis, Connie: Vacation/The biggest sin of all M-/- keskiö Suomi-orig. MGM-pussi 10e
Francis, Connie: Where the boys are/Baby Roo ex-/- Suomi-orig, keskiö MGM-pussi 7e
Francois, Jacqueline. Le Comediens + 3 EP ex/ex Ranka-orig. hieno 15e
Frankenstein & the all-star Monster band (Kim Fowley): Midnight movies/Who are the casual girls ex/ex- Uk-orig. swobc 15e
Franklin, Areth: Get it right/Giving in ex/- Uk-orig. Arista-pussi 5e
Franz Ferdinand: Do you want to/Get away ex/ex- Uk/Europe-orig. 5e
Freddie and the Dreamers: I´m telling you now -ep ex-/ex- Uk-re 6e
Freddie & the Dreamers: I will/I undertand vg+/- Uk-orig. keskiö 5e
Freddie & the Dreamers: I understand/I will ex/- Uk-orig. keskiö 8e
Free: The Stealser/Lying in the sunshine ex-/ex- 70-luvun alun Ranska-painos 8e
Fresh Air: By bye Jane/It´s all over ex/ex- PS 8,5e
Frida: I know there´s something going on/Threnody vg+/ex- Ruotsi-orig. 4e
Fridij Pink: Shorty Kline/We´re gonna be there vg+/- Uk-orig. 5e
Fu Manchu: Pick up summer/Vankhana ex/ex US-orig. 20e
Funeral Oration: Survival EP ex/ex Saksa-orig. ins 5e
Funkadelic: I wanna know if it´s goodf to you/inst. ex-/- Us-orig. co 7e
Fuzztones: Idol chatter/A wristwatch band M-/M- Italia-orig. 5e
Fuzztones: Hurt on hold/Jack the Ripper ex/ex Uk-orig. 8e
Fuzztones: Lord have Mercy on my soul/They are gonna take you away M-/Ex Uk-orig. 7e
Gall, France: Poupee de cire poupee de son/La coeur qui jazze ex/- Suomi-orig., Philips-pussi, keskiö 50e
Gallery, Tait: Out of the crowd/Baby I´m falling in love vg+/- Us-orig. 7e
Garner, Erroll: Concert by the sea EP ex/ex Hollanti-orig. 7e
Gardner, Freddy: Gems EP ex-/ex(-) Uk-orig 8e
Garland, Judy: Judy EP ex-/- Capitol-pussi, Norja-orig., keskiö 5e
Garland, Judy: A Garland for Judy ex-/vg+ Uk-orig. keskiö. kiva kuvakansi, "Over the Rainbow" 10e
Geils, J Band: Centerfoldt/Race in the cage ex/ex Hollanti-orig. 5e
Geils, J Band: Freeze frame/Flamethrower ex/ex- Hollanti-orig. 4e
Gens: Per chi/Piccolo grande amore vg+/ex- Italia-orig. -72 swoc 10e
Geordie: Ain´t it just like a woman/All because of you ex-/- Uk-orig. 6e
Geordie: Red eyed lady/Can you do it ex-/- Hollanti-orig. 5e
Geordie: All because of you/Ain´t it just like a woman ex-/vg+ Ranska-orig. 6e
Geordie: Ride on baby/Got to know ex/- Suomi-orig. 5e
Gerard, Danyel & Les Dangers: L´incendie/Le ciel peut attendre ex-/ Ranska-orig. Polydor-pussi 10e
Gerard, Fred: Roses are red + 3 EP ex-/ex. Ranska-orig. nätti tyttökansi 5e
Gerry and the Pacemakers: La La La/Without you ex-/- Us-orig. co 5e
Gerry and the Pacemakers: It´s gonna be alright/It´s just because vg+/vg+ Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 10e
Gerry and the Pacemakers: It´s gonna be alright/Skinny Minnie ex-/- Us-orig. co 5e
Gerry & the Pacemakers: Girl on a swing/The way you look tonight ex/- Us-orig. co 5e
Gerry & The Pacemakers: The way You look tonight/Girl on a swing ex/- Us-orig. Laurie-pussi co 3,5e-
Gerry & The Pacemakers: Girl on a swing/The way you look tonight ex-/- 5e- co
G.I´s: Lucy EP M-/ex 60-luvun alun jenkki-surffia Ranska-orig. 20e
Giant: Stay M-/ex- Uk-orig. 4e
Gibb, Robin: Saved by the bell/Mother and Jack vg+/- Saksa-orig. 4e
Gibbs, Georgia; Rock rock rock -EP vg+/ex Ruotsi-orig., keskiö 10e
Gibbs, Georgia: The Hula Hoop Song EP ex-/ex- Ruotsi-orig., keskiö, nätti kuvakansi 20e
Gillan, Ian: Living for the city/Breaking chains ex/ex Uk-orig. wobc 5e
Gillan, Ian: No good luck/Love gun ex/ex Saksa-orig. stoc 5e
Gillespie, Dizzy-Stan Getz sextet: Talk of the town EP vg+/ex(-) Suomi-orig. 8e
Gillespie, Dizzy: Jazz makers (Be-Bop/Good bat/November Afternoon) ex-/ex- Uk-orig. keskiö 10e
Gists: Yanks/This is love ex/vg+ Uk-orig. woc 5e
Gitte: Jag snackar med mej själv/Vaggvisa ex-/ex- Tanska-orig. keskiö kiva kuvakansi 10e
Gleason, Jackie: Presents Lonesome echo part 1 EP ex/ex US-orig- Salvador Dalin piirtämä kansikuva 7e
Glitter, Gary: Always yours/I´m right, you´re wrong, I win! ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. 5e
Goat: Good times/TV eye ex/- Uk-orig. muotoiltu kuvalevy 7e
Go-Betweens: I need two heads/Stop before you say ex/- Uk-orig. Postcsrd 80-4 brown label/company sleeve 40e
Goldberg, Barry Reunion: Sittin in circles/Hole in my pcoket ex-/- Us-orig. Buddah-pussi co 5e
Goldsboro, Bobby: Honey/ex-/ex- Saksa-orig 5e
Goodman, Benny: Stompin at the Savoy EP Rca EPA 5072 Saksa-orig. ex(-)/ex- 8e
Goodtimes: you got the fever/Mr and Mrs. arthur thompson reguest ex-/- Us-orig. DJ-copy, levyssä pieni prässivika, ei vaikuta soittoon 7e
Goops: Booze cabana/Death of a junkie ex-/ex Uk-orig. 6e
Goreaphobia: Demented omen of masochism/Morbidous pathology ex-/ex- Us-orig. 17e
Gorme, Eydie & Steve Lawrence: Pretty blue eyes + 3 EP vg+/ex Ruotsi-orig., keskiö 10e
Gothic Horizon: If you can smile/Thoughts M-/- Uk-orig. keskiö 15e
Grand Funk: Bad time/Good & evil ex-/- Us-orig. 5e
Grand Funk Railroad: Take me/Genevieve ex/ex- Saksa-orig. swoc 7e
Grand Funk Railroad: Closer to home/Aimless lady M-/ex Ranska-orig. 15e
Grand Funk Railroad: We´re an American band /Creepin ex/ex Japani-levy, Ranska-kansi 10e
Grapefruit: Dear Delilah/Dead Boot Equinox US ex/- 7e
Grassroots: Bella Linda/Hot bright lights ex/- UK-orig. Stateside-demo keskiö, hieman rikkinäinen Parlophone-pussi 10e
Great Gaylord with the A-Bones: Squat with me baby/Do the squat ex/ex 4e
Great White: Congo square/South bay cities ex/ex Saksa-orig. stoc 5e
Great White: Call it rock´n roll/The Hunter M-/ex- Uk-orig. hieno "etched"-levy 4e
Greco, Juliette: L´opera de jours heureux +3 EP Philips 437 391 Ranska-orig. ex-/ex siisti kappale 25e
Greco, Juliette: Les feuilles mortes/Sous le Ciel de Paris ex-/- Hollanti-orig. keskiö, Philips-pussi 10e
Green, Big Charles: You excite me baby/Rocking on the moon to-night ex-/- repro 10e
Green on Red: Time ain´t nothing/No free lunch ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 4e
Gritos De Alerta/Heresia: Split EP ex/ex Us-orig. yellow vinyl 4e
Grooks: Striptese -ep liite 5e
Guess Who: Dancin fool/Seems like I can´t live with you.... M-/- Us-orig. 5e
Guthrie, Arlo: Presidential rag/Nostalgia rag vg+/- Us-orig. Reprise-pussi 3e
Gyllene Tider: Kom så sja vi leva livet/Leka med elden ex-/ex- Ruotsi-orig. die cut sleeve 5e

Hagar, Sammy: Heavy metal/Satisfied M-/ex- Hollanti-orig. 5e
Hagen, Nina: The Change/Lorelei ex/ex- Hollanti-orig. 5e
Hagen, Nina: My way//No way/Alptraum ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. wobc 3e
Haircuts and Impossibles: Grandes extios EP ex-/vg+ Espanja-orig. gs 7e
Happenings: See you in September/He thinks he´s a hero ex-/ex- Hollanti-orig. 8e
Harris, Richard: The Hive/That´s the ay it was ex-/- Us-orig. ABC-pussi 4e
Harrison, George: Got my mind set on you/Lay his head ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. swobc 4e
Harrison, George: What is life/Apple scruffs vg+/- Ruotsi-orig. keskiö wol 5e
Harrison, George: Give me love/Miss O´Dell ex/- Uk-orig. Apple-pussi (hieman rikki), keskiö 8e
Harrison,Larry: No man can stand alone/Top of the mountain ex-/- 5e- Us co
Harvey, Alex Sensational Band: Delilah/Soul in chains ex-/- Uk-orig. Phonogram-pussi 5e
Harvey, Alex: Sergeant fury/Gang bang ex/ex- Saksa-orig. 7e
Head and the Hares: Painted air//No use in tryin/How many M-/ex Saksa-orig. 4e
Healey, Jeff: Angel eyes/Don´t let your chance go ex/ex- "näytelevy"-tarra obc Saksa-orig. 5e
Health Hazard: Not just a nightmare EP ex/ex Minstel records Ranska/Uk 5e
Heart: What about love?/Shell shock ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 4e
Heath, Ted: All time top twelwe vol. 3 vg+/ex Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 5e
Heartland: Real World -EP Uk-orig, 10"-EP muovisessa muotoillussa boksissa + pahvikotelo M-/ex 10e
Heatwaves: Nowhere to go/I´ll do my crying tomorrow ex/- Us-orig. DJ copy 7e
Henderson, Homer: Nightclub cancer/The planets M-/ex Us-orig. ins 5e
Hep Stars: Mot okänt land/Någonting har hänt vg+/vg+ Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 7e
Hep Stars: I natt ja drömde/Jag vet ex-/ex- Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 15e
Hep Stars: Consolation/Don´t vg+/ex Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 8e
Hep Stars: Should I/I´ll never quite get over you ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig. keskiö swol 20e
Herman´s Hermits: A must to avoid/The man with a cigar ex-/- Uk-orig. 7e
Herman´s Hermits: I´m Henry the eight I am/The End of the world ex-/- Suomi-orig. keskiö, wol 7e
Herman´s Hermits: The door swings both ways/For love ex-/- Suomi-orig. keskiö 8e
Herman´s Hermits: No milk today/My reservatios been confirmed ex-/ex -82-Ranska 5e
Herman´s Hermits: London Look EP vg+/ex- Uk-orig, keskiö 6e
Hill, Benny; Ernie/Tin-a-ling-a-loo ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö 5e
Hinds, Baby Joe: Wild about my lovin/Sugar drop dreamin vg+/- Us-orig. 30e
Hillage, Steve: Getting better/Palm trees ex/- Uk-orig. 5e
Hitmakers: Michelle/Who´ll be the next in line vg+/vg+ Tanska-orig. kannen alareunassa pikku teippi, keskiö 20e
Hollies. Find me a family/No rules ex/ex(-) Uk-orig. 5e
Hollies. Look through any window/So lonely ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö 6e
Hollies: I´m alive/You know he did ex-/- Uk-orig keskiö 7e
Hollies: Carrie Anne/Sings that will never change ex-/- Ruotsi-orig. 5e
Hollies: King Midas in reverse/Everything is sunshine vg+/vg+ Ruotsi-orig. 10e
Hollies: What´s wrong with the way I live/Don´t ever thing about changing ex-/vg+ Ruotsi-orig. keskiö, swoc 10e
Hollies: Long dark road/Indian girl ex-/- Us-orig. Epic-pussi, sstol 5e
Hollies: One one look/Keep off that friend of mine ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö 7e
Hollies: Look through any window/So lonely ex-/- Suomi-orig. keskiö, siisti 10e
Holton, Gary & Casino Steel: Runaway/She´s no angel ex/ex Suomi-orig. sstobc 9e
Hondells: Sea cruise/You meet the nicest people on a Honda ex-/ex Us-orig. cut out thru lable 10e
Hoods: Empty head/One difference M-/ex Get hip -Us, green vinyl 4e
Hopkin, Mary: Those were the days/Turn turn turn ex/- Uk-orig. keskiö 8e
Hopkin, Mary: Think about your children/Heritage M-/- keskiö Suomi-orig. EMI-pussi 8e
Hounds: The Gipsy cried/Old man in New York vg+/- Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 8e
Hounds: I´ll take you where the music is playing/The Office girl ex-/- Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 7e
Hounds: A summers ong/Never try to catch the sun ex-/- Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 7e
Housemartins: There is always something there to remind me/Get up off our knees ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. 4e
Hull, Alan: We can swing together/Obidiah´s grave M-/- Uk-orig. keskiö 20e
Humble Pie: Oh la de da/The outcrowd ex-/- A&M-pussi, keskiö, Uk-orig. 5e
Hunter, Ian: That girl is rock n roll/Seeing double ex-/- Us-orig. Columbia-pussi 4e
Hunter, Ian: All the good ones are taken/Death n glory boys ex-/- "demo"-leima etiketissä, Columbia-pussi 4e
Hunter, Tab: My only love/Apple blossom time ex-/- Us-orig. Warner-pussi 10e
Husker Du: Eight miles high/Msaochism child ex/ex Uk-orig. 7e
Hutch, Willie: Get ready for to get down/sama (mono) ex/- Motown M 1339 Us promo 7e

I Camelionti:Perche´ti amo/Vado in bianco ex/ex (swoc) 7e
Ifield, Frank: Remember you/I listen to my heart ex-/- Ruotsi-orig., keskiö 5e
Ifield, Frank: Sings Ep M-/ex- Uk-orig. keskiö 5e
Ill Repute: Halloween live ex/ex- Us-orig. 7e
Ill Repute: Halloweed live II ex/ex- Us-orig. 7e
Impressions: Talking about my baby/Never too much love ex/ex(-) Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 25e
Inbred: Reproduction EP ex-/ex Us-85 liitteet 30e
Indexi: Krivac siti/Sve ove godine ex-/vg+ Jugoslavia-orig. 70-luvun Jugo-rokkia 7e
Infa-Riot: The winner/School's out ex(-)/ex Uk-orig. 13,5e
Infest: Not over yet EP ex/ex bootsi, purple vinyl 8e
I Profeti:Caldo amore/Era bella ex/ex (swoc) 7e
Intoxica: I wanna wear your skin//Intoxica/Squad car ex/ex(-) Aussie-orig. liite 5e
Iron Maiden: Running free/Sancturary ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. 20e
Irradiated: Melting/The King and I ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 5e
Irwin, Big Dee: Swingin on a star/Another night with the boys vg+/ex Ruotsi-orig. red vinyl, keskiö, Ps 7e-
I Shot Cyrus/Gmork: Split EP ex/ex Saksa-orig. 5e

Jackson, Mahalia: Songs for Christmas EP ex-/ex Hollanti-orig. 6e
Jackson, Michael: Smooth criminal/instr. M-/ex Hollanti-orig. 7e
Jackson, Michael: Human nature/baby be mine ex/ex Us-orig. wobc 6e
Jackson, Michael: Rockin Robin/Love is here and now you´re gone ex-/- Uk-orig. Tamla Motown -pussi, swoc 5e
Jackson, Michael: Rockin Robin/Love is here and now you´re gone ex/- Uk-orig. Tamla Motown-pussi. swoc 5e
Jacksons; State of shock/Your ways ex-/vg+ Espanja-orig. w. Mick Jagger 4e
Jagger, Mick: Throwaway M-/ex Hollanti-orig. 6e
Jagger, Mick: Lucky in love/Running out of luck ex/ex Hollanti-orig. wobc 5e
Jam: Absolute beginners/Tales from the riverbank ex-/- Uk-orig, Polydor-pussi 4e
James:Sound/All my sons M-/ex Saksa 5e-
James Boys: Shoog Shoog/James Boys Shuffle ex-/- Uk-orig. Polydor-pussi 5e
James, Harry: Jackpot blues + 3 EP Philips 429 007 ex/ex Ruotsi-orig. 12e
James, Mark: Uneasy rider/A taste of heaven vg+/- Us-orig. co 5e
James, Mark: Suspicious minds/A taste of heaven vg+/- Us-orig. co 5e
Janie Jones & th Lash: House of the Ju-Ju queen/Sex machine ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 10e
Japan: Cantonese boy/Burning bridges ex/ex- Uk-orig. keskiö wobc 7e
Jarre, Jean Michel: Equinoxe part 5/Part 1 ex/ex Ruotsi-orig. 7e
Jason & the Scorchers: Pray for me mama/Help there´s a fire ex/vg+ Hollanti-orig. 4e
Jay, Peter & the Jaywalkers: Tonight you´re gonna fall in love with me/Red Gabbage ex-/- Piccadilly promo keskiö 20e
Jay & the Techniques: Baby make your own sweet music/Help yourself to alla my lovin ex-/- Us-orig. co Smash-pussi 5e
Jay & the Techniques: Strawberry Shortcake/Still in love with you ex-/- Us-orig. co Smash-pussi 5e
Jay & the Techniques: Singles game/baby how easy your heart forgets me ex-/ex Us-orig. PS co 7e
Jay & the Techniques: Help yourself to all my lovin/Baby make your own sweet music vg+/- Us-orig. co 4e
Jay, Peter & the Jaywalkers: If you love me/You girl ex-/- Uk-orig. Decca-pussi, keskiö, siisti 20e
Jean Pierre & Nathalie: Hey Paula EP vg+/ex Ranska-orig. swobc 10e
Jean Pierre & Nathalie: Je ne suis Quún vagabond EP ex-/ex Ranska-orig. swobc 10e
Jeanne & The Darlings: I like what you are doing to me/It´s unbelievable ex/- 7e Vol-pussi
Jerrari, Med: Yalli Fikrou dima Mhayer/Sidi mansour Ranska?-orig. modernia arabiankielista folk/poppia 50-60-luvun vaihteesta, hauska "Panpipes of jojouka"-kansi ex/ex- 7e
Jefferson Airplane: Ballad of you & me & Pooneil vg+/- Us-orig. 5e
Jerome, Elisabeth: Maldie dá mour/L´ete beientot l´ete ex-/ex- Ranska-orig. 5e
Jethro Tull: Living in the past EP ex/M- shrink 2013 RSD-julkaisu 8e
Ji-Coo and the Vikings: Vikings at home + 3 EP ex-/ex Norja-orig. wobc, ei keskiötä 30e
Jocelyne. Les Garcons + 3 EP Ranska-orig. 60-luvun alun ranskalaista erinomaista tyttöpoppia swobc vg+/vg+ 15e
Jon & Robin: Do it again a little bit slower/If I need someone it´s you vg+/- Ruotsi-orig., keskiö 5e
John, Elton: Just like Belgium/Can´t get over getting over ex/- Uk-orig. company sleeve 4e
John, Robert: Don´t leave me/Children vg+/- Us-orig. Columbia-pussi co 3,5e
Johnson, Wilko & the Solid Senders: Walking on the edge/Dr Dupree ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 8e
Johnny Boy: You are the generation that bought more shoes and you get what you deserve/SHB UUSI, PS 4e
Johnny G: Monopehenia -EP ex/ex- Uk-orig., keskiö 5e
Johnny & the Hurricanes: Reveille rock/Time Bomb vg/- Saksa-orig, London-pussi 5e
Johnny & the Hurricanes: Red river rock/Buckeye vg+/- Saksa-orig., London-pussi 7e
Johnson, Roy Lee: She put the whammy on me/Take me back and try me ex-/- Us-orig. Philips-pussi, cut out thru label 20e
Johnson, Syl: Sexy ways/I been missin you ex/- Us-orig. 4e
Johnson, Wilko Solid Senders: Walking on the edge/Dr Dupree ex/ex Uk-orig. 8e
Jones, B-Lou & His Jupiters: Ancors aweigh part1/Part2 vg+/- Uk-orig. keskiö 10e
Jones, George/Flatt & Scruggs: Hillbilly standards EP vg+/vg+ Saksa-orig. kannen reunat teipattu, ei keskiötä 8e
Jones, Paul: I´m a young boy/I don´t believe you ex-/ex- Ruotsi-orig. , keskiö 15e
Jones, Paul: I can´t hold on much longer/High time ex-/- Suomi-orig. ei keskiötä 8e
Jones, Paul: Free me/Privilige vg+/- Suomi-orig. keskiö 7e
Jones, Quincy: Quincy´s Home again/Midnight sun never sets//Doodlin ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 15e
Jones, Quincy: Home again EP ex/ex- Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 10e
Jones, Spike: Coctails for Two EP ex-/ex- Saksa-orig -58 tri-centre, hieno kuvakansi 20e
Jones, Tamiko med Herbie Mann: A man and a woman/Herbie Mann: Is Paris burning ex-/ex Ruotsi- orig. Ruotsi-kuvakansi, keskiö 15e
Jones, Tom: One day soon/Till ex/- Uk-orig., keskiö, Decca-pussi 5e
Jones, Tom: Love me tonight/Hide and seek vg+/- Uk-orig. keskiö 5e
Jones, Tom: Delilah/Smile ex-/- Suomi-orig. keskiö, Decca-pussi 5e
Jones, Tom: Puppet man/Every mile ex/- Decca-pussi, keskiö, Uk-orig. 4e
Jones, Tom: Stop breaking my heart/I who have nothing ex-/- Uk-orig. Decca-pussi, keskiö 4e
Joy Unlimited:Silvcergun/Peace train ex/ex 7e
Juliettes: Bye bye baby/Carol´s theme ex-/- Us-orig. 17e
Just say no/Jack Scratch/All you can eat: Under the influence -EP Us-orig. Warning records Us, 2 x inn, yellow vinyl ex/ex 5e

Kalin twins: When/Three oclock thrill ex-/- Suomi-painos 7e-
Karr, Kitty: Lonely valley/You can´t can love vg+/- Us-orig. 20e
Kaye, Danny & Louis Armstrong: The Five pennies vol. 1 Ep ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig, keskiö 7e
Kaye, Danny & Louis Armstong; The Five pennies vol. 2 EP ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 7e
Keene, Bob: Hideaway/Peas and corn vg+/- Uk-orig. President, keskiö 7e
Keita, Salif: Wamba/Souareba M-/ex- Uk-orig. 5e
Kent, Richard Style: In style with EP ex/ex Acid Jazz 6e
Kenton, Stan: In hi-fi EP Capitol EAP 1041 ex7ex Uk-orig. 7e
Killers: Smile like you mean it/Ruby don´t take your love to town ex/ex red vinyl 5e
King, Martin Luther Jr: I´ve been to the mountain top/The Eulogy/I Have a dream ex/ex- Us-orig. 20e
Kingsmen: Children´s caretaker/The wolf of Manhattan vg+/- Us-orig. co 12e
Kingsmen Just before the break of day/Bo Diddley Bach ex/- Us-orig. levy-yhtiön pussi, co 7e
King, Ben E: It ain´t fair/Til I can´t take it anymore ex-/- Us-orig. co 4e
King Crimson: Sleepless/Nuages ex/ex Uk-orig. 7e
Kingston Trio: Tom Dooley EP ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 20e
Kinks: Lost and found/Killing time M-/ex(-) Hollanti-orig. 4e
Kinks: Starmaker/Ordinany people ex-/ex- Us-orig. RCA-pussi 5e
Kinks: How are you/Think visual ex/ex(-) Hollanti-orig. 4e
Kinks: Don´t forget to dance/Young consertavites ex-/ex Saksa-orig. 5e
Kinks: Apeman/rats ex-/vg+ Ruotsi-orig. keskiö woc 8e
Kinks:Good day/Too hot M-/ex Hollanti-orig. 7e
Klischee: Das war der wilde westen//Riot 84/Kriegstanz ex-/ex Saksa-orig. ins 7e
Knight, Gladys: Just closer walk with thee/Marvin Gaye:His eye on the sparrow ex/- Us-orig. co 20e
Kraftwerk: Musique non stop/same ex/ex Saksa-orig. 5e
Kuru: Breed EP ex-/ex Uk-orig. 5e

Lamberth, Arne: Stranger in paradise EP ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig. 4e
Lane, Billy Quintet: The New Night train/Don´t lean me on ex-/- Us-orig. 15e
Langer, Clive: Splash/Hello ex/- Uk-orig. F-beat-pussi 3,5e
Laurent, Michel: C´est bien fini/J´entends ta vox ex-/ex- Ranska-orig. swobc 12e
Lavagnino: L ´empire du soleil EP 2x 7" upea, eksoottinen tyttökansi, gs ex-/ex- Ranska-orig. 10e
Lavette, Betty: Easier to say//Let me down easy/Piece of my heart ex/ex- 70-luvun lopun Charly-UK 12e
Leather Nun: Demolition love/She said ex-/ex- Ruotsi-orig. swobc 5e
Lee, Peggy: It´s been a long long time/Alright okay you win ex-/- Ruotsi-orig., keskiö 8e
Legendary Golden Vampires: Creping poiosn/Rebel woman ex/ex- Uk-orig. 5e
Lecuona Cuban Boys: Play for dancing ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig 8e
Lemon Pipers: Blueberrry blue/Rice is nice ex-/- Us-orig co 6e
Lemon Pipers: Jelly jungle/Shoeshine boy ex-/- Us-orig. co 6e
Lenne and the Lee Kings: Always & ever/Stop the music ex-/- Suomi-orig. keskiö 15e
Lennon, John: Just like starting over/Kiss Kiss Kiss M-/ex- Italia-orig. co 5e
Lennons: Blutorgie in der Leichengrube EP ex/ex Saksa-orig. multiple-ga 5e
Leonard, Herbert: Quleque chose tient mon couer/Jái l´amour dans les maions vg/vg+ Ranska-orig. 15e
Les Alcarson: Pour toi chimene EP elokuvasta El Cidm hieno Sophia Loren -kansikuva ex-/ex 15e
Les Aymara et Arvanitas Quintet: La Bride sur le Cou -EP original soundtrack kuin yllä vg+/ex 20e
Les Chaussettes noires aved Eddy Mitchell: Ceci est mon histoire/Ne delaisse pas M-/- Ranska-orig. loistavaa varhaista rock´n rollia tyyliin esim. Johnny Kidd & Pirates, Barclay-pussi 40e
Les Godasses Vertes: Le panier a salade/La Salade vg/- Belgia-orig. belgialaista twistiä v. -65, Columbia-pussi 15e
Les Slow Slushy Boys: Slush puppy/Das Weis der Teufel ex/ex Espanja-orig. 5e
Les Solilloquys: Girl EP vg+/ex- Ranska-orig. klarinetti-instru -versio Beatlesin Girlistä stobc hieno tyttö bikineissä -kansi 5e
Les Sunlights: Ne joue pas au soldat + 3 EP ex-/ex Ranska-orig. 20e
Levellers: Far from home/World freak show ex-/ex Uk-orig. 4e
Lewie, Jona: You´ll always find me in the kitchen at parties/Bureaucrats vg+/ex- Uk-orig. 4e
Lewis, Carl: Goin for the Gold/(rap version) vg+/ex- Saksa-orig. hieno Carl Lewis-kuvakansi 4e
Lewis, Jimmy: Let´s call the whole thing off/I´n stepping out ex/- us-orig. 20e
Lewis, John & the Happening Sounds: Amy´s theme/You´re a big boy now/Misty roses ex-/- Us-orig. swol 6e
Lewis, Linda Gail: Good Turn back the hands of time ex/- Us-orig. co 6e
Lieutenant Pigeon:Opus 302/And the fun goes on ex-/- Decca Uk 5e-
Lilac time:All for love and love for all/Bed of roses ex/ex Uk 7e
Lill-Babs: Honung/Är du ikär med mej ännu Klas-Göran? ex/- Suomi-orig keskiö 8e
Lind, Bob: Elusive butterfly/Cheryl´s Gone home vg/- Suomi-orig. 4e
Lindfors, Lill: Du är den ende EP ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig. keskiö, kannessa upea värillinen kasvokuva Lillistä, swobc 10e
Lindisfarne: Court in the act/Don´t ask me ex/ex Hollanti-orig. 20e
Linel, Francis: Nuits de Chine EP ex-/ex- Ranska-orig. mm. Hit the road Jack Ranskaksi 15e
Linus & His band: Isabella -ep ex/ex(-) ruotsalaista "pubrockia" 8e
Linus: Here comes the night//I´ll be there/Doctor doctor ex/ex- 4e
Little Eva: Just a little girl/Old smokey locomotion ex-/- Us-orig. 10e
Little Gerhard: Den sista mohikanen -ep ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig. 17e
Little Gerhard: Gubbeb i månen/Kärlekens bud vg+/ex Ruotsi-orig. 10e
Little Nat: Do this do that/Tally Wally ex-/- repro? 8e
Little Richard: Operator/Big House reunion ex/ex- Saksa-orig. 4e
Little Village: Don´t go away mad/Big love ex-/ex Saksa-orig. "promo"-tarra kannessa 4e
Little Willie John: Fever/Sleep ex-/- King 4e
Lobo: Me and you and the Dog named Boo/Walk away from it all ex/ex- Hollanti-orig keskiö, kiva koira-kuvakansi 5e
Loco, Joe: Invitation/Teenager´s wail ex-/- Us-orig. 8e
Lomax, Jackie: Sour milk sea/Fall inside your eyes ex/- Us-orig Apple-pussi 8e
London, Julie: Make love to me Part 2 EP ex-/vg Us-orig. split bottom seam, siisti teippi yläreunassa 10e
London,Laurie: Little Laurie London vol. 2 Gep 8689 ex/ex Ps 17e
Longstreet, Billy Quintet: Lonesome/Forgotten ex/ex Saksa-orig. 5e
Long Ryders: Looking for Lewis & Clark/Child bride ex(-)/ex- Uk-orig. 4e
Lopez, Trini: This land is your land/Amererica M/ed kuvalevy -87 Tanska 5e
Lords of the New Chucrh: Like a virgin/Gun called justice ex-/ex- Hollanti-orig. 6e
Lorraine & Sonatones: making memories/Can't take my eyes of you ex/- Sonatone 502 Us 7e-
Los Blues: Ain´t that loving you mono/stereo Us-orig. promo ex-/- 10e
Los Bravos: Bring a little lovin/Make it last ex/- Us-orig. Parrot-pussi, co 7e
Los Modernistas: Que es esto que Llega +3 EP kuubalaista "pop"-lattaria 60-luvun puolivälistä ex-/ex, hieno kuvakansi, sstol, Kuuba-orig. 20e
Los Raw Gospels. El fantasma M-/M- 10e
Lost and Found records 5x7" värivinyylin boxi White Flag/Impatient yout/United mutation/Bored youth/Meatmen US-90 ex/ex-
Lowe, Nick: American squirm/What´s funny about ex-/- Uk-orig. 4e
Lowe, Nick: Half a boys half a man/Awesome ex/ex- Hollanti-orig. 6e
Lowe, Nick & Rockpile: I love the sound of the braking class/They call it rock ex/- Uk-orig. keskiö 5e
Lowe, Nick: Half a boy & Half a man/Awesome ex/ex- Hollnati-orig. 5e
Love Affair: Gone are the songs of ysterday/Everlasting love vg+/- Suomi-orig. 5e
Lovich, Lene: Lucky Number/I think we´re alone now M-/ex- Uk-orig. 7e
Lovin Spoonful: Summer in the city/Do you believe in magic ex/ex- 80-luvun Ruotsi-painos 4e
Lovin Spoonful: Didn´t want to have to do it/Did youever have to make up your mind vg+/ex Us-orig. 7e
Lovin Spoonful: She´s still a mystery/Only pretty what a bitty ex/- Us-orig. co 7e
Lucas, Carrie: Keep smilin/I´m gonna make you happy vg+/- Uk-orig. keskiö 4e
Lulu: March/Boom a bang vg+/- Ruotsi-orig. 5e
Lulu: Boom bang-a-bang/March vg+/- Suomi-orig. levy-yhtiö-pussi 7e
Lust-O-Rama: The In-crown EP ex/ex Saksa-orig. 5e
Lynne, Jeff: Doin that crazy thing/Going down to Rio ex-/ex- Uk-orig. keskiö 5e
Lynton, Jackie: Laura/Ebb tide ex/- Piccadilly-pussi, keskiö, Uk-orig.-promo"A" 10e

Macvay, Ray Band: Genesis/House of Clowns ex-/-Uk-orig. Parlophone Demo keskiö, Parlophone-pussi 50e
Made in Denmark. Queen of spades/shotgun ex/- Suomi-orig. keskiö 10e
Mademoiselle: Destination soleil/Stephane et Stephanie ex-/ex- Ranska-orig. 5e
M & G Orchestra: Il Marsigliesi/Napoli oggi vg+/ex- Italia-orig. tunnari 70-luvun TV-sarjasta Marseillen poika 10e
Madonna: Live to tell/Istrumental ex-/vg+ Saksa-orig. 4e
Madonna: The look of love/I know it ex/ex Saksa-orig. 7e
Magic Lanterns: Give me love/Biding my time ex(-)/ Us-orig. Atlantic-pussi, tuottaja John Paul Jones co 5e
Magic Lanters: Excuse me baby/Greedy Girl ex/vg+ Us-orig. promo 7e
Mallory, Michel: Chug a lug EP vg+/vg+ Ranska-orig. 8e
Mamas & Papas: Too late/Safe in my garden ex/- Us-orig. Dunhill-pussi, swol 6e
Mann, Manfred: Sha la la/Why should we not vg/ex- Tanska-orig. 7e
Mann, Manfred: If you gotta go go now/Stay around ex-/- Uk-orig. HMV-pussi, keskiö 10e
Marbles: The falls fell down/Love you ex-/- Us-orig. Cotillion-pussi, co 6e
Manfred Mann: Do wah diddy/What you gonna do ex-/- keskiö 8e
Manfred Mann: My name is jack/There is a man ex-/ex(-) Ruotsi-orig., keskiö 10e
Manfred Mann: Fox on the run/Too many people ex-/- Us-orig. co 4e
Manfred Mann: The one in the middle EP vg+/vg+ Uk-orig. keskiö wobc 15e
Manfred Mann: 54321/What you gonna do vg+/- Uk-orig. keskiö, HMV-pussi 7e
Mandfred Mann: My name is Jack/There is a man ex/ex Us-orig. PS co 6e
Manfred Mann´s Earth Band: Father of day/Father of night/Solar fire two M-/- Uk-orig. keskiö 7e
Manne, Shelly: Peter Gunn/Slow n easy ex/- Us-orig. Contemporary 5e
Marc & the Mambas: Black heart/Your aura ex-/ex- Uk-orig. ins 5e
March, Little Peggy: I will follow him/Wind up doll ex-/vg+ Saksa-orig., keskiö 15e
Margo & the Marvettes: So fine/Copper kettle vg+/- Parlophone-UK promo-orig. keskiö. väriltään laikukas prässi, ei vaikuta soittoon 15e
Marillion: Easter/The release ex(-)/ex Saksa-orig. 5e
Marillion: Freaks/Kayleigh ex-/ex- Uk-orig. woc, wobc 5e
Marina, Imca: Y Viva Espana/Los faroles ex/- Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 5e
Marini, Marino: Nel Blu dipinto di blu EP vg/ex Ruotsi-orig. keskiö, swol, upea Sophia Loren -kansikuva 15e
Marketts: Batman theme/Richie´s theme vg/- Us-orig. soi ok! 10e
Mar-keys: Sack o woe/Sailor man waltz ex-/- Us-orig wol 10e
Marley, Bob and the Wailers: Is this love/Crisis ex-/ex Uk-orig. keskiö 8e
Marr, Hank: Easy talk/I remember New York ex-/- King/Federal-pussi 15e
Martin, George orchestra: I feel fine/the Niagara theme vg+/- Uk-orig. Parlophone-pussi, keskiö 15e
Martin, George orchestra: All quiet on the Mersey front/Out of the picture ex-/- Uk-orig. Parlophone-pussi, keskiö 17e
Martin, Freddy: Midnight music EP ex(-))/ex(-) Us-orig. 10e
Martin circus:Je me susis retrouve en tutu/Je deviens comme fou fou fou ex/ex 7e
Martin, Ray: Best sound in stereo EP ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. 5e
Martin, Teddy: Juanita Banana + 3 EP ex-/ex- orkestroitua 60s ranska-loungea, eksoottinen tyttökansi 10e
Martino, Bruno: Fantastica Ep vg+/ex Tanska-orig. 7e
Massey, Darryl: walk with me/She´s got me crying again ex-/- Us-orig. 5e
Massiel: La, la la/ Pensamientos, sentimientos ex/ex Espanja-orig. woc, woc 15e
Mau Maus: Society´s rejects EP ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 20e
Mayazumi, Toshiro: La Bible original sountrack of Franco Ferrara -film ex(-)/ex Ranska-orig. 15e
Mazzetti, Cocki: Tango Italiano/Virgola Di Luna vg+/vg+ San Remo 1962 aistikas tyttökansi 10e
McCartney, Paul & Wings: The mess/My love M-/- punainen Red Rose -pussi Uk-orig 6e
McCoys: Hang on Sloopy/I can´t explain it ex-/ex- Ruotsi-orig. tri-centre -keskiö 15e
McDaniel, Lenny/Last Nikle:Go to be somebody/I´ve been tryin to love you vg+/- Us-orig promo Mainstream 712 5e
McGeegan, Pat: Chance of a lifetime/Don´t laugh at me ex/- Uk-orig. Emerald-pussi, keskiö, swol 10e
McNabb, Ian: Merseybeast/Up here in the North of England ex/ex- Hollanti-orig. numeroitu 519/3000, triple-gs 7e
McRae, George: Rock your baby/Rock your baby part 2 ex-/ex Saksa-orig. 4e
McCafferty, Dan: Out of time/Cinnamon girl ex-/ex Saksa-orig. 7e
McCartney, Paul: My brave face/flying to my home ex/ex- Saksa-orig- 4e
McCartney, Paul & Wings: The Mess/My love ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö 5e
McTell, Ralph: Father forgive them/Kew gardens ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö 6e
MDC: Thanks for giving me what I didn´t want ex/ex Us-orig. ins. colured vinyl 10e
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes: Willie EP ex/ex Us-orig. sininen vinyyli 8e
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes: Dolly EP ex/ex Us-orig. sinininen vinyyli 8e
Mec Op Singers: Dies irea + 3 EP ex-/ex Ranska-orig 60-luvun belgialainen beat/psych-bändi 35e
Medicine Head: Slip and slide/Cajun kick ex/ex- Saksa-orig. 6e
Medicine head: One & one is one/Out on the street M-/ex Saksa-orig. 5e
Megadeth: Symphony of destruction/In my darkest hours M-/ex Uk-orig. picture disc 15e
Mercouri, Melina: Les Enfants du Piree/instr. original soundtrack of Never on Sunday, hieno leffakansi (Mercouri) ex-/ex- Tanska-orig. keskiö 10e
Middle of the road: Chirpy chirpy cheep/Rainin n painin ex/ex- Saksa-orig. 5e
Miles, Buddy: Rockin and rollin on the streets of Hollywood/sama (mono) ex/- Casablanca NB 839 Us promo 7e
Miles, Kelly: Bicycle morning )(stereo)/mono ex-/- Dj-promo US 5e
Milk & Honey: Hallelujah/Lady sun ex-/ex Suomi-orig. ei keskiötä 5e
Miller, Glenn: Serenade in blue EP ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 7e
Miller, Glenn: Army Air Force Band EP ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig, keskiö GI Jive, Pistol packin mama, hieno kuvakansi 10e
Millions of dead cops/Capitalistic casualties: EP ex-/ex Slap a ham, Us, ins 10e
Millions of Dead cops feat. Pig Champion: I don´t want to hurt you dude/Dark clouds ex/ex Us-orig. ins 5e
Mineo, Sal: Star movin EP Fontana 462111 TE ex-/ex(-) Hollanti-orig. keskiö swobc 40e
Minor Threat: Live at Buff Hall EP ex-/ex- Lost & Found 1988 7e
Minor Threat: Live at the Buff Ball ex-/ex- Lost and found 7e
Mitchell, Guy: Singing the blues/Del Shannon: Runaway M-/M- 90-luvun alun Suomi-painos, Xylitol-Jenkkipurukumin mainoslevy, komea poikakansi 10e
Mitchell, Joni: Good friends/Smokin ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. 4e
Mitchell, Willie: Bad eye/Sugar T ex-/- Uk-orig. London-pussi, keskiö 8e
Mitchell, Willie: The champion part 1/Part 2 ex-/- Uk-orig. 7e
Mob 47: War victim EP ex/ex bootsi 7e
Modern Jazz Quartet: Autumn in New York + 3 EP Metronome MEP 23 vg+/ex- Suomi-orig. 8e
Modern Jazz Society: A concert of comtemporary music EP vg+/vg+ Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 7e
Modugno, Domenico: S/T vg+/vg+ EP Fonit 4349 Italia-orig. 50-luvun italialaista soft rockia 12e
Monkees: Last train to Clarksville/Take a giant step vg+/- Saksa-orig. 4e
Monkees: I´m a believer/Pleasant valley sunday ex-/- -73-Us-painos 4e
Monet, Philippe: J´ai des papillons dans la tete/Bien trop loin ex-/ex- 60-luvun lopun ranskalaista poprockia, gs, swol 13e
Monet, Philippe: La main qui tire la main qui tue/Plus loin qui les frontiers ex-/ex Ranska-orig. 60s ranskalaista poprockia, gs 20e
Monsters: I want you + 3-EP ex/ex Saksa-orig. black wax 5e
Montand, Yves: Dansez avec Yves Montand qui chante... EP ex/ex Ranska-orig. 10e
Montand, Yves: La Marie Vision EP ex-/ex- Ranska-orig. 7e
Montand, Yves: The Inimitable EP vg+/ex Uk-orig. keskiö 6e
Montand, Yves: La chanson de Bilbao EP vg+/ex- Ranska-orig. 6e
Montez, Chris: Goe head on/Call me ex-/- Us-orig. co 4e
Monty: Le rythm and blues EP vg+/ex- Ranska-orig. 7e
Moody Blues: I don´t want to go on without you/Time is on my side ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö 8e
Moody Blues: For my lady/I´m just a rock´n rolle rsinger ex/- Uk-72, keskiö 5e
Moonlighters: Hi Lili, Hi Lo/Don´t ever do what you did vg+/- Ruotsi-orig., keskiö, sstol 10e
Moore, Jackie: The Bridge that lies between/It´s harder to leave ex(-)/- Kayvette kav 5125 Us 7e-
M.O.O.T - Music of our time: A guide to the electronic revolution in music Columbia MT1 vg+/vg+ Us-demo -6? 10e
Morris, Floyd: The Grunchen cowboy/Bouncing around ex-/- Us-orig. Philips-pussi co 8e
Mott the Hoople: Rose/Honaloochie boogie ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö, CBS-pussi 5e
Motta, Arturo: Just a gigolo + 3 EP ex-/ex Espanja-orig.. 8e
Motta, Arturo: 4 boleros cha cha cha EP ex-/ex Espanja-orig. 8e
Morrow, Buddy: Big band guitar EP Rca ESP 9676 Saksa-orig. ex-/ex- 8e
Motors: Sensation/The day I found a fiver ex/ex- Uk-orig. 8e
Mountain: Travelin in the dark/Long red ex-/ex Japani-orig. siisti 20e
Mouse & the Traps: Bottom line/Gypsy girl ex/- Us-orig. 4e
Move: Do ya/No time vg+/- Uk-orig., leima ol, keskiö 10e
Move: Fire brigade/Walk upon the water ex-/- Saksa-orig. 7e
Mud: Lonely this Christmas/I can´t stand it ex/ex- Uk-origk. keskiö 7e
Mud: Lean on me/Greacian lament ex-/ex- Hollanti-orig. 4e
Mud: Slow talking boy/Let me out ex/ex- Uk-orig. 5e
Murphy, Noel: Irish Songs EP ex-/ex- Uk-orig. Columbia -66, keskiö 10e
Myron & The Van-Dells: Heartaches/Crazy little mama ex-/- Flo Roe 531-15 Us 7e-

Nena: Wunder Gescheh´n/Schlaflied ex/ex Saksa-orig. 4e
Newbeats: Bread and butter/Tough little buggy vg+/vg+ Tanska-orig. keskiö 5e
New Colony Six: Can´t you see me cry/Summertime´s another name for love ex-/- Us-orig. Mercury-pussi 5e
Neville, Aaron: Mickey Mouse March/Ringo Starr & Herb Alpert: When you wih upon a star ex/ex- Hollanti-orig. PROMO, gs 7e
Newley, Tony: I saw her standing there/I love everything about you hyvä viihdecover, tekijöiksi merkitty Lenin/McCartney Us-promo-orig. 5e
New World:Sister Jane/First steps ex/ex Ruotsi Ps 5e
Newman, Thunderclap: Something in the air/Wilhelmina vg+/- Uk-orir. Track 4e
New Survivors: The Pickle protest/But I know ex(-)/- Us-orig. co 10e
New York Dolls: Personality crisis/Subway train ex/- Dolls 1 7"-kuvasingle 10e
Nice: America/The Diamond blue apples of the moon ex-/- Uk-orig. Immediate-pussi, keskiö, swol, swoc 13e
Nico e i Gabbiani: Ora sai/Parole ex-/ex Italia-orig. 60-luvun italo-beatia, siisti 20e
Nicoletta: Vol. 2 EP vg+/ex- Ranska-orig. gs 8e
Nieve, Steve: Outline of a hair-do -ep M-/ex 10e
Nihilists: Crown of horns EP M-/ex Australia-orig. ins 10e
Nilsson: Save the last dance for me/Subterrannean homesick blues ex-/ex Saksa-orig. 4e
Nilsson, Harry: I Guess the Lord must ne in New York City/The Puppy ong elokuvasta La Mortadella, Italia-orig. hieno Sophie Loren -kansi, leima kannessa ja etiketissä ex-/ex- 8e
999: Homicide/Soldier ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö 5e
Nirvana: Smells like teen spirit/Even i his youth vg+/ex Saksa-orig. 10e
No Dice: Come dancing/Bad boys ex/- Uk-orig. kuvalevy 4e
Nomads: Miles away/Something else, something new M-/M- Eu-orig. black vinyl, autographed by the whole band 20e
Nomads/Robert Johnson and the Punchdrunks: Split EP M-/ex Espanja-orig. blue vinyl 7e
No Strange: Wild bird/Fiori risplendenti ex/ex Italia-orig. italo-neopsykedeliaa, hieno psykedellinen kansi 5e
Nugent, Ted: No no no/Habitual offender ex/- Us-orig. Atlantic-pussi 4e

Odes of Ecstasy: Faithless/Nocturnal howling: Never again ex/ex- Kreikka-orig. 12e
Ohio Express: Bitter lemon/Sweeter than sugar ex-/- Us-orig. co Buddah-pussi 7e
O´Kaysions: Love machine/Dedicated to the one I lvoe ex-/- Us-orig. ABC-pussi 5e
Ola & the Janglers: Let´s dance/Strolling along vg+/- Us-orig. 10e
Ola & the Janglers: Alex is the man/Now I like her ex-/vg+ Ruotsi-orig (yellow sleeve) keskiö swobc 17e
Ola & the Janglers/Jerry Williams & Violents/Bill Haley/Big Dee Irwin: EP Jukebox JSEP-5547 ex-/ex 60s-Ruotsi, keskiö, siisti 17e
Oldfield, Mike: Crime of passion/Jungle gardenia ex/ex(-) saksa-orig. 6e
Oldfield, Mike: Tubular Bells (Bande Original e de `Exorcist)/Excerpt from ex-/ex Ranska-orig. 8e
Oldfield, Michael: William Tell ouverture/Argiers ex(-)/- Uk-orig. 6e
Ole Jose and the Golden leaves. Tequila 68/limbo 68 ex-/- Us-orig. promo 7e
Omar & the Howlers: Border girl/Don´t rock me the wrong way M-/Ex Hollanti-orig. 5e
OMD: Genetic engineering/4-Neu ex/ex- Uk-orig. 5e
Ono, Yoko: My man/Let the tears dry ex(-)/ex Ruotsi-orig, 8e
Orange Bicycle: Jenskadaja/Nicely vg+/- Uk-orig., keskiö 15e
Orbison, Roy: Heartbreak radio/Crying ex/ex- Uk-orig. 5e
Orbison, Roy: Wild hearts/instr. ex/ex- Uk-orig. 5e
Orbison, Roy: California blue/Blue Bayou live ex/ex Saksa-orig. swoc 4e
Orbison, Roy: Heartbreak radio/Crying ex-/ex Uk-orig. 5e
Orbison, Roy: I drove all night/Sheena Easton: Forever friends ex-/ex Saksa-orig. 4e
Orbison, Roy: She´s a mystery to me/Crying ex/ex- Saksa-orig. 5e
Oren, Steve: Scandale dans la famille/Fais la Rire ex-/ex- Ranska-orig. aistikas tytön kasvokuva-ps 17e
Orchestra Del Oro: Main theme from Lolita/Lolita ya ya vg+/vg+ Uk-orig. keskiö, aistikas kansikuva 15e
Original soundtrack: Tammy and the Bachelors ex-/ex Saksa-orig. hieno Debbie Reynolds -kansikuva, keskiö 8e
Osmonds: Having a party/Wanted ex/ex Saksa-orig. 4e
Overlanders: Michelle/Cradle of love vg+/ex- Ruotsi-orig., keskiö 15e
Owens, Marie: Reasons a plenty/The Devil´s song Us-orig. 15e

Pacific Drift:Water woman/Yes you do ex-/ex- Ranska-orig. 10e
Packers: Hole in the wall/Go head on vg+/- Uk-69, keskiö 10e
Paranoja: Proibito/Remuse ex-/ex- Italia-orig. -86 Italo-goottia 13e
Parker, Graham: Stupefaction/Paralysed ex/ex Uk-orig. 6e
Parker, Graham: The Pink Paker EP ex-/vg+ Uk-orig. 5e
Parker, Graham: Life gets better/Anniversary ex-/ex Uk-orig. keskiö 4e
Parnevik, Bosse: Bosse Parneviks röstvrängarshow Kungsörner bjuder på skiva! 1-puoleinen perunalastujen mainosflexi Ruotsi-orig. kiva 60-lukulainen värikuvakansi 8e
Paul & Paula: Hey Paula/Bobby is the one ex-/- Suomi-orig., Philips-pussi, keskiö 10e
Paul and Paula: Hey Paula/Bobby is the one ex/- Suomi-orig. keskiö Philips-pussi 10e
Peace Band: Peace/A peace of reggae ex/- hieno kuvalevy, joukkuekuvassa ryhmä 70-luvun Englannin liigapalloilijoita, ins 5e
Peanuts-Taylor Group: Island woman/Chi chi merengue ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. 4e
Pentangle: Once I had a sweetheart/I saw an angel ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö 10e
Pentangle: Travellin song/Mirage ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö 10e
Peppermint Rainbow: Will you be staying after Sunday/And I´ll be there ex-/vg+ 70-luvun alun Ruotsi-painos 7e
Peter & Gordon: True love ways/If you wish ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö 7e
Peter & Gordon: Knight in the rusty armour/The flower lady ex/- Suomi-orig. keskiö 10e
Peter & the Test Tube Babies: Crab Californian punk band M-/ex Saksa-orig. tuhkan harmaa vinyyli PS 10e
Peterson, Oscar: Plays the Irving Berlin songbook ex/ex Hollanti-orig. keskiö 10e
Peterson, Oscar: I could have danced all night/I´ve grwon accustomed to her face ex-/ex- Hollanti-orig. tyylikäs tyttö-kansi 8e
Phantom Surfers: Banzai washout EP M-/ex Us-orig. 7e
Phantoms: Happy Christmas with (Sailor´s X-mas/Ole Dole Doff vg+/ex- Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 30e
Phantoms: Eldorado/Ten Green bottles vg+/vg+ Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 25e
Piaf, Edith: Milord/Je ne regrette rien M/ex kuvalevy -87 Tanska 5e
Piaf, Edith & Charles Dumont: Chantent l´amour EP ex/ex Ranska-orig. 10e
Picardy: How sweet it is/Montage ex/- us-orig. Dunhill-pussi 8e
Pick-Nicks: Kiss me baby/I am alone hollantilaista 60s beatia vg+/- Hollanti-orig. 10e
Pierce, Webb: Alla my love/You are my life ex-/- Us-orig. Decca-pussi, siisti kpl 10e
Pilgrim, Ray: I like it/Falling vg(+)/- Uk-orig. keskiö 6e
PIL: Cruel/Love hope ex/ex- Uk-orig. 5e
Pints: Raised with violence EP ex-/ex- Ruotsi-orig, blue vinyl 5e
Pistons: Standing in the rain/Raised on rock´n roll ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö 7e
Plastic Ono Band: Mrs Lennon/Midsummer New York vg+/- Us-orig. wol 7e
Platters: The Flying Platters vg+/ex Ruotsi-orig. ei keskiötä 17e
´ Play Dead: Isabel/Solace ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 5e
Playmates: Beep beep/Your love vg+/- Us-orig. 7e
Poets: She blew a good thing/Out to lunch ex-/- 70-luvun alun Uk-painos, keskiö 17e
Poison: So tell me why/Guitar solo ex/ex Uk-orig. clear vinyl 5e
Police: Every breath you take/Murder by numbers ex-/ex- Italia-orig. 6e
Police: Don´t stand so close to me/Friends ex-/ex- Italia-orig. 7e
Police: Roxanne/Synchronoty II ex-/- Uk-883 A&M-pussi 4e
Political Asylum: Solitary/Flight of fancy/Apathy ex/ex Sveitsi-orig. ins 4e
Political Asylum/Pissed Boys: Split EP ex/ex- Saksa-orig. 10e
Pop, Iggy: Cry for love/Winners ans losers ex/ex- Saksa-orig. 7e
Popp, Andre: Comment ca s´dance + 3 EP vg+/vg+ 60-luvun alun Ranska-poppia 10e
Pourcel, Frank: Venus/Only you ex/- Suomi-orig., keskiö, HMV-pussi 7e
Pourcel, Franck: This is my song EP ex-/ex- 60s Espanja-orig. tyylikäs Sophie Loren -kuvakansi 10e
Powell, Bobby: Who is your lover/I'm not going to cry over spiller milk ex(-)/- Whit 6900 Us 7e
Preston, Bill: My sweet lord/Little girl ex-/- Us-orig. Apple-pussi 10e
Pretenders: back on the chain gang/My city was gone ex/ex- Ruotsi-orig. wobc 4e
Pretenders: Message of love/Porcelain ex/ex Ruotsi-orig. 5e
Pretty Things: Havana bound/Ovet the moon vg+/- Uk-orig. keskiö 13e
Price, Alan Set. Who cares/the House that Jack Built vg+/- Uk-orig. keskiö 7e
Price, Alan Set: I put the spell on you/Ichyd-da ex/- Kanada-orig. 15e
Princetons: Georgianaa/Killer Joe ex-/- Us-orig. Colpix-pussi 10e
Procol Harum: The Final Thrust/Taking the time ex/- Uk-orig. Chrysalis-pussi, kiinteä keskiö 7e
Procol Harum: As strong as Samson/The Unquiet Zone ex/- Uk-orig. keskiö 5e
Propaganda: Duel/Jewel ex-/vg+ Uk-orig. wobc 4e
P-T.L Klub: Nobody cares anymore ex-/ex- Us-orig. 13e
Public/See You In Hell: Split EP M-/ex Tsekki?-orig. liitteitä 4e
Puffball: Outta my face/Play with the Piranha ex/ex Ruotsi-orig. 5e

Quartetto Radar: Come Prima/Bernandine ex/- Italia-orig. hieno tricentre-Durium + levyhtiöpussi 5e
Quartetto Radar: Come prima/Bernandine ex/- Italia-orig. kansainvälinen Italo-hitti v. -58, keskiö, kiva levy-yhtiöpussi 8e
Queen + Paul Rodgers: C-lebrity/Fire adn water M-/- Uk-orig. picture disc orig. stickered PVC-sleeve 5e
Queen; Radio Gaga + 3 EP ex-/ex- Uk-orig. flexi 7e
Queensryche: The Bridge ex/ex Uk-orig, kuvalevy, poster, LP:n kokonen paketti 8e
Quiet Riot: The Wild and the young/Rise or fall ex-/vg+ Hollanti-orig. 4e
Raceway: Lady of love/Whisky retributuion M-/ex Ruotsi-orig. omakustanne 20e
Radha Krishna Temple: Hare Krishna mantra/Prayer to the spiritual man ex-/- Uk-orig. 5e
Rae, Jackie: Believe in love/Lonely one vg+/- Uk-Coral demonsration copy, keskiö 7e
Ramones: Don´t come close/I don´t want you M-/- Uk-orig. Sire-pussi 7e
Randazzo, Teddy: Cotion field/Dance to the locomotion ex/ex Ruotsi-orig. 13,5e
Randazzo, Teddy: Soul/You´re not that girl anymore ex-/vg+ Italia-orig. 25e
Rattles: The witch/Geraldine ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig., keskiö 7,5e
Ray Boy & Lil Jimmy Lee: Love me/I ndeed love ex/- Us-orig. Rollin rock 009 12e
Ray, Johnnie: Just walkin in the rain/Such a night//Guy Mitchell: Singing the blues/Crazy with love ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig., keskiö 15e
Red Alert: City invasion/Negative reaction vg+/ex- Uk-orig. 10e
Redbone: The witch queen of New Orleans/Chant: 13th floor ex/- Ruotsi-orig. keskiö ins 6e
Redding. Otis: Papa´s got a brand new bag/Direct me ex-/- Us-orig. co 5e
Reed, Lou: September song/O heavenly salvation ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. 6e
Reed, Lou: No money down/Don´t hurt a woman ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. 4e
Reeves, Jim: Waltzing on the top of the world/I love you beacause vg+/vg+ Saksa-orig. tri-centre 5e
Reeves, Jimmy: Bimbo/He´ll have to go M/ex kuvalevy -87 Tanska 5e
Reeves, Jim: Ramona/Charmaine ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. tri-centre 6e
Reid, Neil: If wishes were ships/That´s what I want to be ex-/- Uk-orig. Decca-pussi, keskiö 7e
Reivers: Wee magic stane/Wreck of the John B ex/- Uk-orig. keskiö Top Rank -pussi 5e
Renaults: Melancolie/Stella ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö WB-pussi 10e
Return to Forever: Jungle waterfall/sama (mono) ex/- Polydor PD 15099 Us promo 7e
Revere, Paul & the Raiders: Leslie/Ups and downs ex-/- Us-orig. Columbia-pussi 5e
Revillos: Where´s the boy for me?/The Fiend ex/ex Uk-orig. 8e
Rich, Charlie: Behind closed doors/A Sunday kind of woman ex-/ex- Hollanti-orig. 7e
Rich, Charlie: There won´t ne anymore/Pretty people vg+/vg+ Hollanti-orig. 5e
Rich, Charlie: I love my friend/Why oh why ex-/ex- Hollanti-orig. 6e
Richard, Cliff: I´ve got a feelin/I´ll come runnin babe vg+/- keskiö Suomi-orig. 5e
Richard, Cliff: Goodbye Sam Hello Samantha/You never an tell ex-/- Suomi-orig. keskiö 7e
Richard, Cliff & the Shadows: Serious charge EP vg(+)/- Suomi-orig., keskiö 10e
Richard, Cliff & Drifters: Travellin light/Dynamite vg+/- Intia-orig., keskiö, Columbia-pussi 30e
Richard, Cliff and the Drifters: Apron strings/Living doll vg+/- Suomi-orig., keskiö, swol 17e
Richard, Cliff: Young 1s/sama ex/ex City-Sokoksen mainosingle -88 7e
Richard, Cliff: Marianne/Mr Nice vg+/ex- Jugoslavia-orig. unique picture sleeve 10e
Richards, Keith: Locked away ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 1-puoleinen promo 25e
Richman, Jonathan: The morning of our lives/Roadrunner ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö keltainen pussi 5e
Richman, Jonathan: Egyptian reggae/Roller coaster by the sea ex/ex- Hollanti-orig. 5e
Rieu, Nicole: Et Bonjour a tou l´artiste/La mandarine ex/ex- Ranska-orig. Ranskan v. -75 Euroviisu 4e
RIF: Something happened today ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig. Uproar 3 15e
Rip Chords: Karen/Here I stand ex-/- Hollanti-orig. CBS-pussi 10e
Rivers, Johnny: Moody River/Mountain of love ex-/ex- Ruotsi-orig., keskiö 10e
Rivers, Tony and the Castaways: Lifes too short/Don´t ever tell on me vg+/. Uk-orig. keskiö, Columbia-pussi 12e
Roberts, Rocky: Stasera mi butto/Just because of you ex-/ex Italia-orig. 10e
Robbins, Marty: The hanging tree/The blues country style ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö 8e
Robbins, Marty: The ballad of Alamo/Don't worry ex-/- Hollanti-orig. 5e
Robbins,Marty: Hanging tree/ Blues country style ex-/- Hollanti-orig. keskiö 7e-
Robbins, Marty: Big Iron/Cool water ex-/- Uk-orig keskiö 10e
Robinson Crew: Taxi/Stormalong vg+/- Uk-orig. keskiö, huonohko Decca-pussi, sstol 7e
Rock aid Armenia: Smoke on the water 90 (radio mix)/Smoke on the water 90 ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 5e
Rock-Ragge: Mona Lisa/Only sixteen vg+/- Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 6e
Rockin berries: Poor man´s son/Follow me vg+/- keskiö Uk-orig. 5e
Rockpile: Wrong way/Now and always vg+/ex- Uk-orig. 4e
Rocky Mountains Ol time stompers: vol 1 EP vg+/ex Italia-orig. 10e
Rocky Mountains Ol time stompers: Vol. 2 EP vg+/ex Italia-orig. 10e
Rocky Mountains Ol time stompers: Vol. 3 EP vg+/ex- Italia-orig ei keskiötä 10e
Rocky Mountain Ol time stompers: Vol. 4 EP ex-/ex Italia-orig. 12e
Rocky Mountains Ol time stompers: Vol. 5 EP ex-/ex Italia-orig. 12e
Rodgers, Jimmie: Waltzing Mathilda EP vg+/vg+ Ruotsi-orig. vihreä vinyyli 8e
Rodrigues, Amalia: No Olympia excerto no 1 EP ex-/ex- Portugali-orig. 6e
Rohde, Jan/Otto IV jr/The Best/Lady Kate 6: EP ex-/ex Jukebox JSEP 5544 60s-Ruotsi, keskiö, siisti 17e
Rohde, Jan & Adventurers: Doin the Jenka/Love Potion nr 9 ex-/- siisti kpl, keskiö, levy-yhtiö-pussi Suomi-orig 30e
Rohde, Jan & Adventurers: Doin the Jenka EP ex-/exSonet SXP 4051 Suomi-orig. keskiö Coca-Cola -mainoskansi 100e
Rolling Stones: We love you/Dandelion vg+/- Uk-orig. 8e
Rolling Stones: Angie/Silver train vg+/vg+ Ruotsi-orig. keskiö swoc 7e
Rolling Stones: Get of my cloud/I´m free ex-/vg+ Saksa-orig, ei keskiötä 15e
Rolling Stones: Angie/Silver train ex/vg+ Ranska-orig, 3-4 cm botom seam split 5e
Rolling Stones: Start me up/No use in crying ex/ex- Us-orig. 6e
Rolling Stones: Sexdrive/same (Dirty hands mix) M-/ex Hollanti-orig. 4e
Rolling Stones: Going to a go go/Beast of Burden ex/ex- Hollanti-orig. 6e
Rolling Stones: Waiting on a friend/Little T&A ex/ex Hollanti-orig. 6e
Rolling Stones: Anybody seen my baby ex-/- Uk-orig. KUVALEVY, numeroitu. tehtaan stickered sleeve 15e
Rolling Stones: Heart of stone/What a shame Uk-export -65 ei keskiötä vg+/- 20e
Ronny: Darling good night/Und der regen, der rinnt ex/ex Saksa-orig., keskiö, saksankielistä county & westerniä 5e
Roogalator: Love and the single girl/I feel good ex(-)/ex Uk-orig. 5e
Rotation: Goody my love/Sunday Sunshine ex/ex- Ranska-orig. 10e
Roth, David Lee: A lil ain´t enough/Baby´s on fire ex/ex- Saksa-orig. sstoc 4e
Rowena, Jeff: Eleanor/Short skirts ex-/- Uk-orig. CBS-promo label swol keskiö 6e
Roxy Music. Love is the drug/Editions of you M-/ex- Uk-orig. (-90-liveltä) 4e
Royal Guardsmen: Wednesday/so right ex/- Us-orig. Laurie-pussi, co 5e-
Royal Queens Men: Persisk marknad/Rosenkyssar vg+/vg Ruotsi-orig. 15e
Royal Rasses: Old time friends parts 1 & 2 ex/ex Uk-orig. Ps 8,5e-
RPM´s. Memphis beat/you can love me ex-/- Us-orig. levy-yhtiöpussi 10e
Ruan: Another street gang/Suburban disturbance ex-/vg+ Uk-orig. keskiö 5e
Rubettes: Tonight/Silent movie queen ex-/vg+ Saksa-orig. 4e
Rubinoos: Hard to get/Memories ex-/vg+ Us-orig. keskiö 4e
Ruffin, Jimmy: World so wild, nowhere to hide/ Gonna give her all the love I´ve got ex/- Us-orig. co 5e
Rush, Merrilee & Turnabouts: Angel of the morning/Reap what you sow ex-/- Bell 705 Us 5e
Rydell, Bobby: Good time baby/Cherie ex-/- Suomi-orig., keskiö 8e
Ryder, Mitch & The Detroit Wheels: One grain of sand//Too many fish in the sea/Three little fishies ex-/- Suomi-orig. keskiö, Westerlund-pussi 10e

Sad Cafe: Everyday hurts/Wish this night would never end ex/- Uk-orig. kuvalevy 4e
Sainte-Marie, Buffy: Mister can´t you see/Moonshot ex-/ex- Ruotsi-orig., keskiö 8e
Sainte-Marie, Bufy: Until it´s time for you to go/The Flower and the apple tree vg+/ex- Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 8e
Saints: Imagination/The Prisoner ex/ex- Ranska-orig. 5e
Saints: Always/In the mirror ex-/ex Ranska-orig. 5e
Saints: Always/In the Mirror ex-/- Australia-orig. Larrikin-pussi 7e
Saints: I dreamed of Marie Antoinette/Mock Turtles: Croppies lie down M-/- Uk-promo, alunperin Bucketful of Brains -lehden mukana 7e
Saints: Ghost ships/Wrapped up and blue ex/ex Ranska-orig. 5e
Saints: Temple of the lord/Celtic ballad ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 5e
Saints: Music goes round my head/Tomorrow ex/ex Australia-orig. 5e
Saints: Stay/Idiot blues ex-/ex Australia-orig. 5e
Saints: Grain of saind/Mad race ex/ex Australia-orig. 5e
Sakamoto, Kyu: Sukiyaki/Tankobushi ex-/.- 70-luvun Us-painos, Starline-pussi 4e
Sakamoto, Kuy: Sukiyaki/Anoko-no ex-/ex Suomi-orig. keskiö, HMV-pussi 8e
Sam & Dave: Still is the night/Can´t find another way ex/- Us-orig. co 7e
Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs: The world you left behind/How do you catch a girl ex/- Us-orig. Mgm-pussi, co 6e
Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs: Wooly Bully EP ex-/ex- Ranska-orig. 10e
Sambora, Richie: Ballad of youth/Rest in peace ex-/ex Uk-orig. 8e
Sands, Tommy: This thing called love EP ex-/ex Us-orig. siisti kappale 40e
Santana: Veracruz/Mandela ex/ex Hollanti-orig. 4e
Santana: Oye como va/Sam Ba Ti ex-/Ex Portugali-orig. 10e
Santana: No on to depend on/Taboo M-/ex- Italia-orig. pieni, himmeä leima oc 10e
Santana: How long/Right now ex/ex Hollanti-orig. 4e
Satriani, Joe: Always with me always with you/Surfing with the alien ex/ex Uk-orig. 8e
Saturdays Children: 2 x EP M-/ex Sundazed-US gs 12e
Sauvage, Catherine. Chante Sege Gainsbourg ex-/ex- Ranska-orig. -62 40e
Saxon: Requim/Altar of the gods ex-/ex Saksa-orig. sstoc 4e
Scandinavian Letkis Dance Band: Letkis-jenka/Jumpin Jenka ex-/- Australia-orig. 10e
Scarlet, Les/Henri Renaud: Telstar/Relay twist vg+/ex- Ranska-orig. 8e
Scepters: Something´s coming along/What´s the matter with Juliet vg+/- Us-orig. 50e
Schleim Keim: Drecksau EP ex/ex Saksa-orig. 5e
Schleim Keim: Schwarz rot gold - nie gewollt ex/ex Saksa-orig. 5e
Scott, Freddie: No one could ever love you/Cry to me ex(-)/- Us-orig. co 7e
Scott, Peggy / Jo Jo Benson: Lover´s holiday//Picking wild mountain berries/Soul Shake ex-/ex- -80-Charly-Uk 5e
Scott, Rosemary with the Comets: Dreambeat ex-/ex 60-luvun Gala-painos Ruotsi swobc 5e
Screaming Jets. C´Mon/Sister tease ex-/ex Saksa-orig. 5e
Scritti Politti: Faithless (Green)/Faithless ex-/ex Uk-orig. 5e
Searchers: Take it or leave it/Dont hide it away ex/ex- Uk-levy norjalaisella kuvakansilehdellä, keskiö 15e
See You In Hell/Crow ex/ex Tsekki-repress 5e
Seger, Bob: Shakedown/The Aftermath ex-/ex- Kanada.orig. 3e
Seger, Bob: Even now/Little victories//We´ve got it tonight/Brave strangers ex/ex- Us-orig. 2x7" gs 6e
Seger, Bob: American storm/Fortunate son//Hollywood nights/Hollywood nights ex/ex Us-orig. 2x7" 6e
Seger, Bob: Shame on the moon/House behind a house ex-/vg+ Us-orig. 3e
Seger, Bob: Understanding/East LA ex-/vg+ Hollanti-orig. 2,5e
Sentimentals: Vol 4 EP ex-/vg+ Ruotsi-orig. Lennie Clearwallin bändi, keskiö 7e
Sex Pistols: God save the Queen/Did you now wrong vg+/vg+ Uk-orig. 15e
Shafto, Bonny: See me cry/A little like you vg+/- Uk-orig. keskiö 20e
Shakers: Family way/Hold on I´m coming vg+/- Ruotsi-orig., keskiö 20e
Shakin Stevens: A letter to you/Come back and love me M-/ex- Hollanti-orig. 5e
Sham 69: Outside the warehouse/How the west was won ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 10e
Shamrocks: Shame shame shame/Down home special vg/- Saksa-orig. keskiö 15e
Shadows: Foottapper/The breeze and I ex/- Uk-orig. Columbia-pussi, keskiö, erittäin siisti 15e
Shadows: No 3 Ep vg+/ex- Uk-orig. keskiö swobc 15e
Shadows: To the Fore EP ex-/vg+ Uk-orig. keskiö 20e
Shapiro, Helen: Walkin back to happiness/Kiss n run vg+/- Uk-orig. Columbia-pussi, keskiö 6e
Sharpe, Buddy & Shakers: Sleep all day shake all night/Rockin at 47 ex-/ repro 4e
Sharpe, Mike: Spook-a-Lou/Surgassa vg+/- US-orig. 5e
Shaw, Artie: My concerto ex/ex RCA EPBT-1020-1 Saksa-orig. 10e
Shaw, Artie: My concerto ex/ex RCA EPBT-1020-2 Saksa-orig. 10e
Shaw, Artie: September song +3 EP Rca EPA 5006 Saksa-orig ex(-)/ex 9e
Shaw, Sandie: Long live love/I´ve heard about him ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö swol 6e
Shevells: Big city lights/The Coffee song vg+/- Uk-orig. keskiö 10e
Shields, Billy: I was a boy/Moments from now tomorrow ex-/- Us-orig. co 20e
Shirelles: Will you love me tomorrow/Dedicated to the one I love M/ex kuvalevy -87 Tanska 7e
Shotgun: Viking Rock EP M-/- Saksa-orig. 6e
Shotgun Messiah: Shout it out/The explorer ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig. sstoc 4e
Showtimers: You must be joking/Don´t say goodbye ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö, HMV-pussi 20e
Sigue sigue sputnik. 21st century boy/Buy Emi ex/ex- Saksa-orig. 5e
Simon & Garfunkel: My Little town//Garfunkel: Rag doll/Simon: You´´re kind ex/ex- Hollanti-orig. 5e
Simon & Garfunkel: My litle town//Rag doll/You´re kind M-/ex Hollanti-orig. 4e
Simone, Sugar: I love my baby/I´ll keep you satisfied M-/- Uk-orig., keskiö 12e
Sinatra, Frank: Embracable you EP ex-/ex Uk-orig. keskiö 10e
Sinatra, Frankie: Dreamin with Frankie EP ex-/ex- Hollanti-orig. keskiö 10e
Sinatra, Frankie: Tune into Sinatra EP ex-/ex- Hollanti-orig. keskiö 10e
Sinatra, Frank: Nothing in common/How are ya fixed for love? ex-/- Uk-orig., keskiö, Capitol-pussi 6e
Sinatra, Frank: High hopes EP ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig. tri-centre 10e
Sinatra, Frank: Where are you Part 1 EP ex/ex- Tanska-orig. keskiö 8e
Sinatra, Frank: Songs for young lovers part 2 EP ex-/ex- Tanska-orig. 7e
Sinatra, Frank: French foreign legion -ep ex/ex Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 8,5e
Sinatra, Frank: My way of life/Cycles ex/ex- Saksa-orig. 7e
Sinatra, Frank: This town/This is my love ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. 7e
Sinatra, Frank: The world we knew/You are there ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. 6e
Sinatra, Frank & Nancy: Somethin stupid/I will wait for you ex/ex Saksa-orig. 10e
Singing Nun: Dominique/Entre les etoiles ex-/- Uk-orig. Philips-pussi, keskiö 8e
Siouxsie and the Banshees: Fireworks/Coal mind ex-/ex- Uk-orig. (single sleeve) 7e
Sir Douglas Quintet: Mendocino/I wanna be your mama again ex-/- Us-orig. Smash-pussi, co 5e
Sir Douglas Quintet: Mendocino/I wanna be your mama again vg+/- Saksa-orig. sstoc 3,5e
69-Hard: Distortion bop EP M-/M- Ruotsi-orig. orange vinyl 7e
Skid Row: In a darkened room/Beggar´s day ex-/ex Saksa-orig. 6e
Skids: Pros and cons/Animation ex/ex Uk-orig. 7e
Skids: Masquerade/Out of town ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 4e
Skin´Bones: Cover me with Roses/Kiss this ex-/ex- Skandinavia-orig. 5e
Skrack: Sick times/Red wit anger: Guilty M-/ex Us-orig. 5e
Slade: Take me bak home/Wonderin Y ex/- Saksa-orig. keskiö, Plydor-pussi 5e
Slade: Talking about singing Lyntone Lyn 2797 flexi Uk vg+/- 5e
Sledge, Percy: When a man loves a woman/Take time to know her M/ex kuvalevy -87 Tanska 7e
Slingbacks: Hot on my heels/Rollercoaster M-/M- Uk-orig. 5e
Sloppy Seconds. First seven inches ex/ex- Us-orig. ins 17e
Smith, Arthur: Shhh (instrumental)/Shhh (inst. with dialog) vg+/- Us-orig. 7e
Smith, Johnny: Moonlight in Vermont EP vg+/ex Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 13e
Smith,Lloyd:Soul strut/Getting nowhere fast ex/- Us co , 7e-
Smith, Rednik: Tennessee woman/Suzy´s coming home ex/- Uk-orig. President, keskiö 10e
Smoke: Sugar man/That´s what you want M-/M- PS 13,5e
Smoke ring: How´d you het to be so wonderful/No not much ex-/- Us-orig. Buddah-pussi co 7e
Smokestack ligthning: Light in my window/Long stemmed eyes ex/- Us-orig. Bell-pussi, co 5e
Smokey and the Fabulous Blades. Jerk jerk jerk/Charlie´s theme part 2 ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö 7e
Snow, Hank: Country classics ex-/vg+ Saksa-orig. kannen reunat teipattu, wobc 10e
Snuff: Not listening EP ex/ex Uk-orig. ins 7e
Softones: That old black magic/Why babay why ex-/- Uk-orig. 3e
Solley, Jimmy: Momma and poppa/I just gotta get a little more sleep ex-/- Us-orig. promo 6e
Sonny: Laugh at me/Tony vg+/vg+ Ruotsi-orig. 5e
Sonny: The revolution/Geogia and Johnny Quetzal ex-/ex- Ruotsi-orig., keskiö 7e
Sonny & Cher: Little man/Monday ex-/vg+ Ruotsi-.orig. swoc keskiö 6e
Sonny & Cher: The beat goes on/Turn around vg+/- Suomi-orig., keskiö 5e
Sons of Cyrus: What to do EP ex/ex Saksa-orig. 5e
Sophy: Almas inseparables/Siento ex-/- Us-orig. tuottajana Tito Puente, hieno Tico-pussi 15e
Sorel, Ann: Quand J´ai mal/Comme on croque une pomme vg+/ex- Ranska-orig. tyylikäs kansikuva 8e
Sorey, Dave & the Harlequins: Who´s sorry/Have you heard ex-/- Uk-orig. Parlophone demo keskiö, Parlohophone-pussi 7e
Southbound Freeway: Don´t go cryin/Roll with it ex-/- Us-orig. Atco-pussi 17e
Soul Potion: Soul baby/Circle full of love ex/- Sunburst Su 524 Us 7e
Sound Experience: Your lvoe belongs to me/sama (mono) ex/- Soulville 14.025 Us promo 7e
Spacemen: Lunic/Bouquet of roses vg+/vg+ Norja-orig., promo swobc, keskiö, sininen vinyyli 50e
Spandau Ballet: Crashed into love/How many lies ex-/ex Hollanti-orig. 4e
Spanky & Our Gang: Anything you choose/Mecca flat blues vg+/- Us-orig. Mercury-pussi co 4e
Sparks: I predict/Moustache ex/ex Us-orig. 5e
Sparks: When I´m with you/instrumental ex/ex- Uk-orig. 5e
Sparks: Get in the swing/Profile ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö 5e
Specimen: The Beuaty of Poisin/Tell tail ex/vg+ Uk-orig. 5e
Spector, Ronnie: Try some, buy some/Tandoori chicken M/- Us-orig. Apple-pussi, tuottajat Harrison/Spector 10e
Springfield, Dusty: I just don´t know what to do with myself/My colouring book vg+/vg+ Hollanti-orig. keskiö, swoc 5e
Springsteen, Bruce: I´m goin down/Janey don´t lose your heart ex-/ex- Hollanti-orig. 4e
Squeeze: Packet of three EP vg+/vg+ Uk-orig. 8e
Squeeze: Tempted/Yap yap yap ex-/ex- Hollanti-orig. 5e
Stackridge: Spin round the room/Pocket billiard ex-/- Uk-orig. Rocket-pussi, keskiö 5e
Standells: Poor Boys BOrn is a bublble EP Sundazed -95, green vinyl ex/Ex 10e
Stardust, Alvin: Got a little heartache/Again ex/- Uk-orig. sydämen muotoinen 10"-kuvalevy 5e
Stardust, Alvin: Come on/Sweet Cheatin Rita ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. 5e
Starr, Ringo: Only you/Call me ex/- Uk-orig. 7e
Stargazers: Ain´t nodody here but us chcikens/Rocketship to the moon M-/ex Uk-orig. 13,5e
Status Quo & Beach Boys: Fun fun fun/Mortified M-/- Uk-orig. numeroitu KUVALEVY 8e
Status Quo: When You walk in the room/Tilting at the mill Uk-orig. numeroitu KUVALEVY 8e
Status Quo: Living on an island/Runaway ex/ex- Uk-orig. swol, swobc 7e
Status Quo: Roll over lay down//Gerdundula/Junior´s wailing ex-/vg Uk-orig. 7e
Status Quo: What you´re proposing/AB blues ex-/ex. Uk-orig. 5e
Status Quo: A Mess of blues/Big man ex-/ex Hollanti--orig. 4e
Status Quo: Get down/Night ride ex-/vg+ Ruotsi-orig. 7e
Status Quo: Caroline (Live at the NEC)/Dirty water ex(-)/ex(-) Espanja-orig. swoc, swobc 7e
Status Quo: Ice in the sun/When my mind is not live ex/- Us-orig. co 10e
Status Quo: Burning bridges/Whatever you want ex-/ex Uk-orig. 5e
Status Quo: Mean girl/Tune on the music vg/vg+ Saksa-orig. wol 5e
Status Quo: Ain´t complaining&That´s alright M-/M- Hollanti-orig. 5e
Status Quo: Get down/Night ride ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig. 7e
Status Quo: Mean girl/Everything ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö wol Pye-pussi 6e
Starr, Ringo: Photograph/Down and out ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 5e
Stealers Wheel: Everyone´s agreed that everything will turn out fine/Next to me vg+/- US-orig. 4e
Steam: Na na hey hey kiss him goodbye/It´s magic in your girl vg+/- Uk-orig. 5e
Steel, Casino & the Bandits: Dance naked with me/Blowing the dust off the angels wings ex/ex- Ruotsi-orig. sstoc 7e
Steele, Tommy: Rock´n roll aus England EP vg+/vg+ Saksa-orig, ei keskiötä 20e
Steele, Tommy: Singing the blues EP vg/- soi ok! Uk-orig., keskiö 12e
Steele, Tommy: Young ideas/You were mine vg+/- Uk-orig. keskiö 10e
Steele, Tommy: What a mouth/Kookaburra vg+/- Uk-orig., keskiö, swol 20e
Steeleye Span: Hard times of Old England/Sum Wves ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö 5e
Steely Dan: Razor boy/Showbiz kids vg+/- Uk-orig., keskiö 4e
Steely Dan: Sign in stranger/The Fez ex/- Us-orig. 5e
Steppenwolf: Justice won´t ne slow/Straight shootin woman ex/- US-orig. 5e
Steppenwolf: Screaming night hog/Spiritual fantasy ex-/- Uk-orig. Stateside-pussi, keskiö 8e
Steppenwolf: Screaming night hog/Corina corina ex-/- Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 7e
Sterling, Peter Lee: Goodbye summer girl/Judas in blue ex/- Uk-orig, MCA-pussi, keskiö 6e
Stewart, Rod & Scottish world cup squad 78: Ola Ola/I´d walk a million miles for one of your goals ex/ex Uk-orig. Skotti-maajoukkue hienossa kuvassa kannessa 5e
Stevens, Cat: Oh very young/100 I dream ex/- Uk-orig. Island-pussi, keskiö 5e
Stevens, Cat:A bad penny/Two fine people ex-/- Uk-orig. 5e
Stevens, Cat: Ghot town/Banapple gas ex/- Uk-orig. 5e
Sting: The soul cage/Walking in your footsteps ex-/ex Saksa-orig 4e
Sting: We´ll be together/Conversation with a dog ex/vg+ Saksa-rogi. wobc 3,5e
Sting: Russians/Shawods in the rain ex/ex- Saksa-orig. wobc 4e
Stitt, Sonny: Plays Jimmy Giuffre arrangements EP vg+/ex Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 13e
Story of the Wizard of Oz ex/ex 70-luvun Disneyland US-painos, 24-sivuinen kirja ja äänilevy, kiva kuvakansi 10e
Stranglers: 5 minutes/Rok it to the moon M-/- Uk-demo, keskiö 8e
Stranglers: No Mercy EP ex-/ex- Uk-orig. gs 7e
Stranglers: Nice in Nice/Since you went away ex/ex- Uk-orig. 5e
Stranglers: Go Buddy go/Peaches ex/- Uk-orig. keskiö 7e
Stranglers: All day and all of the night/I viva vlad! ex/ex Hollanti-orig, 5e
Stardust, Alvin: Good love can never die/The danger zone ex-/ex Saksa-orig. 4e
Stewart, Rod: Ain´t love a bitch/Scarred and scarred ex/- Uk-orig. keskiö 4e
Street People: You're my weakless girl/You´re the girl I love ex/- Vigor V1 1728 Us 5e
Stylistics: Can´t help falling in love/Maybe it´s beacause you´re lonely ex/- Uk-orig. 5e
Sudden Sway: Autumn cutback job lot offer M-/Ex- 8 track single Uk-orig. 2 xins 10e
Sugarcubes: Birthday/Christmas ex/ex Uk-orig. 5e
Summer, Donna: Try me...Iknow..We can ma it/Wasted ex-/ex Ranska-orig. uniikki kuvakansi 5e
Sundowners: Snake eyed woman/Ubangi stomp ex/Ex 5e
Sunlights: Caravan/Valencia ex-/- Suomi-orig. 10e
Supremes: Love is here and now you´re gone/There´s no stopping us now vg+/- Suomi-painos?, Westerlund-pussi 5e
Supersuckers: Miss Mary/Tenderioin: Leave this town ex/ex Subpop 10e
Surfin Lungs: Surf-jet girl + 3 EP ex/ex Uk-orig. 5e
Swans: Love will tear us apart/Trust me M-/ex Uk-orig. 10e
Sweet: Six teens/Burn on the flame ex-/ex Saksa-orig. swoc 6e
Swinging Blue Jeans: Shaking feeling/Goody goody Miss Molly ex-/- Suomi-orig. 10e
Sylvian, David: Silver moon/Gone to earth ex/ex Uk-orig. 7e
Symbols: The Best part of Breaking Up/Again ex-/- Us-orig. siisti kpl promo 8e

Tages: So many girls/I´m mad ex-/vg Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 20e
Taillet, Edmond: Mady Má dit EP ex-/ex- Ranska-orig. 15e
Talking Heads: Wild wild life/People like us ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. 4e
Tams: What kind of a fool do you think I am/Laught it off ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig. PS keskiö 20e
Taste: Wee wee baby/You´ve got to pay vg+/ex- Saksa-orig. 15e
Tate, Phil: Ticket to ride/A spoonful of sugar cha cha -versio Beatles-piisistä ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö 8e
Taylor, Felice: Suree Surrender/All I want to do is love you vg+/vg Ruotsi-orig. swoc 15e
Taylor, Little Johnny: Make to to me bay/Sweet soul ex/- Ronn 43 Us 8,5e-
Taylor, Little Johnny: True lovin/Where are you comin home ex(-)/- Ronn 87 us 5e-
Tea Set: South pacific/The preacher ex/ex Uk-orig., julistekansi 10e
Temperance Seven: Letkiss/Tajkaedi ex-/- Uk-orig. keskiö Parlohone-pussi 6e
Temptations: Money´s hard to get/Lock in the pocket ex/ex Saksa-orig. 4e
Tenpole Tudor: The Sword´s of a thousand men/Love and food ex/ex- Uk-orig. 5e
Tenpole Tudor: Wunderbar/Tenpole 45 Uk-orig. 6e
Tenpole Tudor: 3 bells in a row//Fashion/Rock´n roll music M-/Ex Uk-orig. 7e
Tenpole Tudor: Let the Four winds blow/Sea of thunder ex/ex- Uk-orig. 5e
Tenpole Tudor: The Swords of a thousand men/Love and food ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 5e
Tereza: Kad se jednom vratis/Uspavanka za lvu Jugoslavia-orig. ex-/ex- swoc hyvää jugo-iskelmää v. -70 7e
Texas Kitty: New Mule Skinner Blues + 3 EP vg+/ex- Saksa-orig. ei keskiötä 20e
Thee Frog: Meet your mama/Hickory blues ex-/- Us-orig. 5e
Thomas, BJ: It´s only love/You don´t love me anymore vg+/- Us-orig. co 3e
Thomas, Nicky: Lola/Mama's song ex/- Uk 5e
Thomas, Carla: All I want for istmas is you/Gee whiz it´s christmas ex-/- Us-orig. co Atlantic-pussi 10e
Thomas, Jose: Mon enfance + 3 EP ex-/ex- Ranska-orig. 10e
Thunderkloud, Billy & The Chieftones: Try a little tenderness/sama (mono) ex/- Polydor PD 14338 US Promo 7e-
Tides: Limbo rock/Midnight limbo vg+/- Hollanti-orig., keskiö, Mercury-pussi 10e
Timbuk 3: All I want for Christmas/Shame on you ex/ex Saksa-orig. promoliite 5e
Tillotson, Johnny: Poetry in motion/Princess, princess ex-/ex- Ruotsi-orig. Cadence, keskiö, siisti kpl 20e
Time: Jungle love/Tricky ex/ex- Saksa-orig. 4e
Titanic: Richmond Express/Heia Valenga ex-/ex- Ranska-orig. hieno kuvakansi 7e
Tokens: I´ll do my crying tomorrow/Dream angel goodnight ex-/- Us-orig. RCA-pussi 7e
Tone Loc: On Fire/Funky cold Medina ex/ex Uk-orig. 5e
Tourists: Don´t say I told you so/Strange sky ex-/ex- Uk-orig. wobc 5e
Tourists: The loneliest man in the world/Don´t get left behind ex/ex Uk-orig. 6e
Toyah: Thunder mountains/Street addict ex/- Uk-orig. KUVALEVY 7" 7e
Toyah: Thunder in the mountains/Street addict ex/- Uk-orig. kuvalevy 5e
Toayh: Be proud be loud be heard/Laughing with the fools ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 6e
Tracey, Norma & Cinderella Kids: Leroy/Big JJ: Harpsichord blues ex-/- Us-orig- 7e
Track: Why do fools fall in love/Cry to me ex-/- Uk-orig. Columbia-demo, keskiö, Columbia-pussi 20e
Traffic: Hole in my shoe/Smiling phases ex-/ex- Uk-orig. keskiö 15e
Tremeloes: Too late to be saved/If you ever ex/ex- Saksa-orig. 5e
Travolta, John & Olivia Newton-John: You´re the one that I want/Alone at a drive-in movie ex-/ex- Saksa-orig 5e
Tubes: Tv is king/Telecide ex/ex- Saksa-orig. 5e
Turner, Ike & Tina: Proud Mary/Funkier than a mosquita´s tweeter ex-/- Suomi-orig. Emi-pussi 7e
Turtles: She´d rather be with me/The walking song vg+/- London-pussi, keskiö 7e
Turtles: Can you hear the cows/The story of rock´n roll vg/- Us-orig. 4e
Turtles: She´s rather be with me/Elenore ex/vg+ Universum music-Ranska 10e
Twisted Sister: Hot love/Tonight M-/ex- Saksa-orig. 6e
2 of Clubs: Walk tall/So blue is fall ex/- Us-orig. 8e
Tyrannosaurus Rex: Debora/One inch rock ex/vg+ Saksa-orig. 8e
UB 40: I won´t close my eys/Folitician ex/ex Hollanti-orig. 4e
Ugly Americans: Philadelphia freedom//Backslah/Sleepless nightmare ex/ex Us-orig. 7e
Ullman, Tracey: My Guy´s mad at me/Thinking of running away ex/ex Uk-orig. 5e
Ullman, Tracey: Shattered/Alone ex/ex- Ruotsi-orig. 4e
Ullman, Tracey: Helpless/Falling in and out of love ex/ex Uk-orig. 5e
Umiliani, Piero: Mah-ma-mah-na/You´tried to warn me ex-/ex- Tanska-orig. "fra filmen Sweden, Heaven and hell keskiö 15e
Union Gap: Young girl/I´, losing you vg+/vg+ Ruotsi-orig. woc keskiö 5e
Understones: The love parade/Like that ex-/vg+ Saksa-orig. 4e
Untamed Youth: Minor chaos/Drag Race Tragedy ex/ex Hillsdale Us 3e
Untouchables: I spy for the FBI/Whiplash ex/ex Uk-orig. swobc 5e

Valente, Caterina: O mama o mama o mamajo EP ex-/ex Saksa-orig., keskiö 10e
Valente, Caterina: Chante ex-/ex- Saksa-orig keskiö 6e
Wallace Collection: Dear beloved secretary/Hello, Suzannah ex-/vg+ Ranska-orig. 10e
Walldoff, So & the Scandinavian Letkiss dance band. dansez le letkiss EP ex-/ex- Ranska-orig. swobc, kiva kuvakansi 15e
V/A Nothing Lasts M-/ex Bitzcore Flex-Saksa coloured vinyl 7e
V/A Jukebox JSEP 5548 Secrets, Lee Kings, Suzie, Hounds ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig, keskiö 10e
V/A Will evil win? ex-/ex- Uk-orig. flexi Anihilated, Civilised society, Lord Crucifier, Desecrators 6e
V/A Solidarität Mot Chile ex/ex DDR-orig. Quniteto Tiempo, Oktoberklub Berlin, Inti Illmani & Agit Prop (Suomi) 10e
V/A Teriyaki Asthma vol. III ex/ex Us-orig. 10e
V/A Bil Journalen Topp-skivan 1965 -flexi vg+/- Shanes, Mascots, Merrymen 10e
V/A Back on the streets EP ex-/vg+ Uk-orig. Venom, Strike, End End Badoes, Skin Disease, Angela Rippon´s Bum 15e
V/A Tennessee Jamboree 2 ex-/ex 50/60-luvun taitteen Rca-Saksa EP w. H.Snow, Chet Atkins, Johnnie & Jack etc, erittäin siisti, ei keskiötä 15e
V/A Tennessee Jamboree 1 vg+/ex- kuin yllä 10e
V/A Total noise 1 EP vg+/ex- Uk-orig. Business/Blitz/Gonads/Dead Generation 8e
V/A Pigs suck 2x7" Hardcore compilation 4th pressing ex/ex 8,5e-
V/A Four Tops EP mm. Jackie Dennis: Purple people eater ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig. keskiö swoc 10e
V/A Tops in pops no. 1 Decca DFE 6411 vg+/ex Uk-orig., T.Dene, T.Steele ym. 10e
V/A American Folk Blues Festival EP ex-/ex Us-orig. 62/63 Hooker, Dixon, Walker ym. siisti 20e
Van Dyke, Leroy: Walk on by/My world is caving in vg+/- Suomi-orig. keskiö 7e
Van Halen: Pretty woman/Happy trails ex-/vg+ Saksa-orig. 6e
Van Halen: Dreams/Inside ex-/- Uk-orig. muotoiltu kuvalevy 15e
Van Halen: Feels so good/Sucker in a three piece ex/ex- Uk-orig. with "kalanverkko"-pussi 10e
Van Halen: Best of both worlds/Live M-/ex- Japani-orig. 20e
Van Halen: I´ll wait/Girl gone bad M-/ex Japani-orig. (promo?, WB white label) 25e
Van Halen: Somebody get me a doctor/Women in love M-/ex Japani-orig. 35e
Van Halen: Pretty woman/Happy trails vg+/vg+ Uk-orig. 5e
Van Halen: Best of both worlds/Live M-/ex Japani-orig. 20e
Van Halen: I´ll wait/ Girl gone bad M-/ex Japani-orig. (promo?) 20e
Van Halen: Black and blue/A apolitical blues ex-/ex- Saksa-orig. 6e
Van Halen: So this is love?/Hear about it later vg+/ex Us-orig. promo 10e
Van Halen: Dance the night away/Outta love again M-/ex- Us-orig. 10e
Vanity Fare: I remeber summer morning/Megowd ex-/- Page one Us-orig. co 4e
Vare, Ronnie and the Inspirations: Let´s rock little girl/Love just for two ex/- repro 8e
Warrant: Cherry Pie/Thin disguise ex/ex Hollanti-orig. 5e
Warrant: I saw red/(acoustic version) M-/ex Saksa-orig. 5e
Varukers: Nothings changed -ep ex/ex Ranska-orig. liite 5e
Warwick, Dionne: Looking with my eyes/Only the strong only the brave vg+/- Us-orig. sstol, wol 5e
Warzone: Live a CBGB ex/ex Us-orig. 15e
Washington, Geno: Michael/Hold on to my love ex/ex Ruotsi-orig. hienokuntoinen kappale keskiöllä ja kuvakannella 20e
Waterboys: The Big Music/The earth only endures ex/ex Uk-orig. promolevy-tarra obc 10e
Waters, Roger: The pros and cons of hitch hiking/Apparently they were travelling abroad ex/vg+ Saksa-orig. 5e
Wedding Present: Blue eyeys/Cattle and cane ex/ex- Uk-orig. 7e
Vee, Bobby: Sings hits of the rockin 50´s EP ex-/ex- Uk-orig. 35e
´ Well Loaded. place to rest/Sun don´t shine ex-/ex Uk-orig. ins 10e
Ventures: Telstar EP vg/ex- Ranska-orig. ei keskiötä swoc 15e
Ventures: Diamond head EP ex-/ex Japani-orig. -64 siisti 17e
Ventures: Diamond head/Pipeline Japani-orig. -68 ex/ex- 15e
Ventures: Ginza lights EP ex-/vg+ Japani-orig. takakannessa lievä kosteusvaurio 17e
Vermorel: Stereo/Porno// Stereo/Porno(ballad) ex/ex Uk-orig. 4e
West Five: Someone ain´t right/Just like Romeo and Juliet vg+/- Uk-orig. PROMO, keskiö, HMV-pussi 15e
Wham: Young guns/Going for it M-/ex- Hollanti-orig. 4e
Wham: I´m your man/Do it right ex/ex- Hollanti-orig. 4e
White Lion: Wait/All join our hands ex/ex- Saksa-orig. 5e
White plains: Look to see/Step into a dream ex/- keskiö, Deram-pussi wol 6e
White, Barry: It' s ecstasy when you lay down next to me/I never thouhgt I´d fall in love with you ex/ex Hollanti Ps 5e
White; Barry: Your sweetness is my weakness/It´sonly love doing its thing ex/ex Hollanti Ps 5e-
White, Josh: Stories vol. 2 Karusell KSEP 3124 Swe ex-/ex(-) 12e
Whitesnake: Here I go again/Bloody luxury ex/- Uk-orig. kuvalevy 8e
Whiting, Margaret: I´ll tell him today/Until It´s time for you to go ex-/- Us-orig. London-pussi, co 3e
Who: Dr. Jekyll & Mr.Hyde/Call me lightning vg+/- Us-orig. Decca-pussi 5e
Who: I can see for miles/Someone´s coming vg+/ex- Norja-orig. (Norwegian only cover) woc, keskiö 35e
Vibrators: Flying home/Flash flash flash ex/ex Uk-orig. 5e
Vice Squad: Teenage rampage/High spirits ex-/ex Uk-orig. 10e
Wickman, Putte: Putte Wickman and his orkester spelar Lullaby + 3 Ep ex-/ex Ruotsi-orig., keskiö 8e
Victor & the Spoils: All I ask/You are very instrumental to me ex-/- Us-orig. Philips 10e
Victor & the Spoils: Lonely memory/I Wish That I could makle you love me ex-/- Philips-pussi 8e
Wild Honey: There´s no stopping us now/Sow the seed of love ex/- Uk-orig. MAM-pussi, keskiö 6e
Wildweeds: No good to cry/Never mind vg+/vg+ Hollanti-orig. keskiö wol, woc 7e
Village People: Sex over the phone/instr. ex/ex Ruotsi-orig. upea tyttökansi 5e
Village Stompers: Washington Square/Turkish delight ex-/- Suomi-orig, keskiö 10e
Willie and the Poor Boys Baby please don´t go/lt´s talk it over M-/ex Hollanti-orig. 7e
Willie and the Poor Boys: These arms of mine/Poorboy boogie M-/ex Hollanti-orig. 7e
Williams, Hank: As Luke the Drifter: Just waitin EP vg+/ex- Uk-orig. keskiö 17e
Williams, Hank: The unforgettable ex/vg+ Uk-orig. keskiö 15e
Williams, Hank Jr: Mobile boogie (mono)/ stereo ex/- Us-promo, WB-pussi 8e
Williams, Jerry & the Violents: Number one/Feelin blu ex-/- Ruotsi-orig. keskiö swol 10e
Williams, Jerry & the Violents: Twistin Patricia/Allez, allez vg+/- Ruotsi-orig., keskiö 10e
Williams, Jerry: Dangerous Happiness/Do it over again vg+/- Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 10e
Wilson, Jackie: I get the sweetest feeling/Lonely teardrops ex/ex- -87-Saksa 4e
Vinegar Joe: Black smoke from the Calumet/Long way road ex/- Uk-orig. Island-pussi, keskiö 7e
Winter, Edgar Group: Do like me/Easy street ex-/- Uk-orig. Epic-pussi 5e
Winter, Edgar Group: Easy street/Do like me ex/- Uk-orig. Epic-pussi 6e
Wintour, Dave & Pat Whitmore: Hair/Aquarius ex-/ex- Espanja-orig. 7e
Violents: Cindy oh Cindy/Alpens ros ex-/- Ruotsi-orig. sininen vinyyli, keskiö, Sonet-pussi 15e
Violents: Ghia/Liebestwist ex-/- Ruotsi-orig. keskiö 15e
Wizzard: Mixture/This is the story of my love baby ex/- Uk-orig. WB-pussi, keskiö 7e
Wizzard: I wish it could be Christmas every day/Rob Roy´s Nightmare ex/ex Uk-orig. gs swogs 10e
Wizzard: Ball park incident/Carlsberg special ex-/- Uk-orig. Harvest-pussi, keskiö 5e
Wizzard: Angel fingers/You got the jump on me ex-/- keskiö 4e
Wolff, Gery: Die Augen der Kinder/Hava Nagila ex/ex- DDR-orig. 7e
Wood, Roy: Goin down the road/The premium Bond theme M-/- Uk-orig. 6e
Vulcaneers: Ankle breaker/Last call ex/ex Us-orig. 15e
Vulcanes: Let´s Go Baby/Walkin to Memphis ex-/- US-orig. 20e
Wyman, Bill: White lightnin stereo/mono ex/- Atlantic-pussi, US-promo 8e
Wyman, Bill: Come back Suzanne/Seventeen ex/ex- Hollanti-orig. 6e
X-Men: Spiral girl/Bad girl ex/ex Uk-orig. 7e
XTC: The disapoinnted/The smartest monkeys M-/ex 5e
XTC: Statue of liberty/Hang on to the night ex/ex- 8,5e
Zappa, Frank: I don´t wanna get drafted/Ancient armaments ex/ex- Hollanti-orig. 12e
Zella, Danny & the Zell Rocks: ex/ex Norton 5e
Zombies: Leave me be/Tell her no ex/- Kanada-orig. 15e
Zomby Woof:Dora´s drive/Mary walking through the woods ex/ex(-) Jupiter Saksa 7e
ZZ Top: Velcro Fly/Stages M-/- Us -85 WB-pussi 5e
Yardbirds: Little Games/Puzzles vg+/- Uk-orig- 15e
Youngblood, Lonnie: Roll with the punches/Tomorrow ex/- Us-orig. Loma-pussi, small co 5e
Young Rascals. a gilr like you/It´s love vg+/ex Ruotsi-orig. 10e
Öijvinds: Torparevisan + 3 EP Värmlannin suosituimman 60s-rockbändin debyytti, siisti ex-/ex -kunto, keskiö Ruotsi-orig. 40e



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